Best LOL Bruisers


Best LOL Bruisers
Best LOL Bruisers

Today I’m going to cover the Best LOL Bruisers. This has been a controversial topic over the years and it has certainly shifted in meta over the years. Season 12 and the upcoming Season 13 for League of Legends is no exception to this rule.

More specificially today we will cover the best bruisers for each role: Mid, Top, Jungle, ADC and Support. Since this is so meta specific you need to keep in mind that it may change over the years but I want to focus here on talking about the average that I have seen since season 6 where I started playing the game.

Best LOL Bruisers

There are many different ways to play League of Legends, but one of the most fun and rewarding ways is to play as a bruiser. Bruisers are melee champions that deal a lot of damage and can take a lot of punishment. They are often played in the top lane, but can also be played in the jungle or even the mid lane.

There are many different bruisers to choose from, some of which we will talk about in this article. Each of these champions has a unique set of skills that make them very effective at taking down enemies.

No matter which bruiser you choose, you’re sure to have a lot of fun while playing. They are all very powerful champions that can easily take down enemies. So, if you’re looking for a champion that can deal a lot of damage and take a lot of punishment, then a bruiser is the perfect choice for you. Also it’s important to note here that bruisers have been in the meta for a very long time now and I don’t think this is going to change anytime considering that riot released a patch that made every champion in the game more tanky from level 1.

Best Top Lane Bruisers LOL

There are three top lane champions that stand out to me as being particularly strong in the current meta. Those champions are Garen, Jax, and Nasus. All three of these champions have a lot of potential to take over a game and carry their team to victory.


Garen is a champion that excels in extended fights. He has a very strong kit that allows him to survive in fights and come out on top. His Q ability, Decisive Strike, gives him a huge burst of speed that allows him to close the gap on his opponents or escape from them. His W ability, Courage, reduces all incoming damage, making him very difficult to kill. His E ability, Judgment, deals a large amount of damage to all nearby enemies. And his ultimate ability, Demacian Justice, deals a massive amount of damage to a single target. Garen is a very strong champion that can easily take down multiple enemies by himself.


Jax is another champion that excels in extended fights. He has a very strong kit that allows him to survive in fights and come out on top. His Q ability, Leap Strike, allows him to close the gap on his opponents or escape from them. His W ability, Empower, increases his attack damage. His E ability, Counter Strike, allows him to stun his opponents. And his ultimate ability, Relentless Assault, gives him a huge burst of attack speed. Jax is a very strong champion that can easily take down multiple enemies by himself.


Nasus is a champion that excels at farming. He has a very strong kit that allows him to farm quickly and efficiently. His Q ability, Siphoning Strike, allows him to deal a large amount of damage to his opponents. His W ability, Wither, slows his opponents down, making it easier for him to farm. His E ability, Spirit Fire, deals a large amount of damage to all nearby enemies. And his ultimate ability, Fury of the Sands, gives him a huge boost to his attack damage and health. Nasus is a very strong champion that can easily take down multiple enemies by himself.

Best Jungle Bruisers LOL

Jungle is a unique and essential role in League of Legends. A good jungle can make or break a game, and often times it is the difference between a win and a loss. There are many different ways to play jungle, but three champions stand out as the most popular and effective: Amumu, Lee Sin, and Udyr.


Amumu is a tanky jungler who excels at ganking and team fighting. He has strong crowd control abilities that can easily disrupt enemies and turn the tide of a fight. His ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy, is especially devastating in a team fight, as it can completely disable multiple enemies at once. Amumu is also very durable, which makes him difficult to take down in a 1v1 fight.

Lee Sin

This one is a surprise but Lee Sin is a mobile and aggressive jungler who is known for his high burst damage and ability to quickly take down enemies. He has strong ganking potential and can easily catch enemies off guard. His ultimate, Dragon’s Rage, is especially deadly, as it can knock an enemy back and deal massive damage. Lee Sin is also very versatile, as he can build either tanky or damage-focused. He’s a bruiser because he has a lot of utility and his shield if built tanky can take a lot of punishment. Obviously if you build Lee Sin squishy and one shot like you won’t go very far on the bruiser department but since his kit and build path is so versatile I believe he makes a great bruiser champion.


Udyr is a versatile jungler who is equally adept at ganking and team fighting. He has a variety of abilities that allow him to adapt to any situation. His Tiger Stance gives him a burst of speed and damage, while his Turtle Stance provides him with a shield and health regeneration. His Bear Stance is perfect for initiating a team fight, as it gives him a movement speed buff and allows him to stun enemies. Udyr is also one of the most durable junglers, as his Turtle Stance can help him survive even the most brutal fights. His rework on season 12 makes him even more bruiser like. Since he now has a buff on which ever ability he uses, if he decides to buff his shield he becomes basically unkillable. Like all bruisers make sure you don’t fall far behind otherwise you will die very fast just like everyone else.

Best Mid Lane Bruisers LOL

Mid Lane is a very important position in League of Legends. The mid lane is responsible for dealing the most damage to the enemy team and for taking down the enemy’s towers. The three champions that are most often played in the mid lane are Galio, Malphite, Yasuo.


Galio is one of the best mid lane bruisers, his kit has a shield and his base numbers are very tanky by default. Considering he gains resistances as the game passes if you build him with the AP tanky build that’s going around in Season 12 and will sure persist in Season 13 is a guarenteed way to get on your hands one of the best mid lane bruisers.


This is one of the best meta bruisers for mid-lane. You can build malphite like Galio with the AP tanky build where you have a lot of health and at the same time a good amount of damage. Malphite’s passive which gives him a shield and regenerates health makes him by default very tanky. Furthermore his W scales his armor so if you get something like Zhonya’s you will get pretty tanky and at the same time dealing a good amount of AP damage.


Yasuo is one of those champions that can get pretty tanky if needed. Again he has a shield built into his kit but also buy immortal shieldbow as a first item which gives him a lifeline to survive. Furthermore later in the game he gets guardian angel and bloodthirster which essentially lets him heal back a lot of damage. Since he relies a lot in auto attacks and melee range he can easily swive in and out a team fight healing and damaging enemies making him super tanky. One last thing is that he has his wall which even though doesn’t make him tanky it can sitll mitigate a lot of the incoming damage especially if he’s facing a lux or xerath range particle champions.

Best AD Carry Bruisers LOL

AD Carries are the bread and butter of most teams in the current meta. They provide consistent damage output and usually have a strong kit that allows them to survive in fights and kite well. Samira and Sivir are all great examples of this role.


Samira is relatively new to the game but she’s one of the best bruiser champions in the AD carry role. The reason for this is because she has this wall that blocks all incoming particles and mitigates a lot of the damage. Generally since AD carries don’t build tank they rely on their kit built in abilities to protect them along with some items. Another reason Samira is bruiser like is that she has resets based on her style on some of her abilities, this rotation lets her output damage and generally heal a lot from certain items that provide lifesteal.


Sivir is a bit of a different AD Carry than Samira. In the case of Sivir she has a spell that mitigates or negates the damage or cc she gets hit. This makes her particilarly invulnerable and has more survivability. As we mentioned earlier since ADC’s don’t really build tanky items they rely on healing and on surviving to make them bruiser like. She doesn’t have as much of an early game presence, but she scales extremely well into the late game. Her Q provides a decent amount of burst damage and can be used to poke enemies from afar. Her W gives her a huge movement speed boost, which allows her to easily chase down enemies or escape from ganks. Her ultimate is also very powerful, as it can easily take down multiple enemies if used correctly. Overall, Sivir is a very strong pick for an AD Carry and can easily take over games if left unchecked.

Best Support Bruisers LOL

Alistar, Leona, and Nautilus are all great support champions in League of Legends. They all have unique abilities that can be used to help their team mates in a variety of ways. All of the ones below are super tanky with base stats but also have abilities that either give them heal, health regeneration and scaling resistances in armor and ability damage. Since there’s no point on mentioning this independantly for every single one I put it here as a prefix but the bottom line is that with support champions you can’t go wrong let me tell you some specifics on each of them.


Alistar is a tanky champion with a lot of crowd control abilities. His heal and ultimate make him super tanky that can sustain a lot of damage in a team fight while locking down the enemies.


Leona is a very strong melee champion with a lot of CC as well. Her scaling resistances particuluraly armor make her very strong combined with the lock down capability she’s a great bruiser Support champion.


Nautilus is a tanky champion with a lot of CC and a very strong ultimate. All three of these champions are great at initiating fights, peeling for their carries, and overall just being a pain to deal with for the enemy team.

The list here can go on and on this lane has a lot of bruisers to offer some of which that I think are worth mentioning to some extent and are very similar to the ones mentioned above are: Blitzcrank, Taric and Zyra.


I hope you enjoyed this Best LOL Bruisers article. If you found it interesting please drop me a cheer below I will appreciate it.

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