Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions


Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions

Today I will cover what I consider the best league of legends top lane champions. This is an aggregation list from winners I used in the past while playing top lane. Keep in mind that I was not always the primary top layer, but these past seasons, it’s my favorite role, and I have played a lot of different champions there and know it reasonably well.

Aatrox – The Darkin Blade

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Aatrox
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Aatrox

The Lore

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade, is a fearsome warrior who strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. He is a master of swordsmanship, and his blade is said to be able to cut through anything. Aatrox is a ruthless fighter and will stop at nothing to achieve victory. He is known for his brutal nature and will often kill his opponents even after surrendering.

Aatrox is a feared opponent on the battlefield, and many have fallen to his blade. However, he is a mighty warrior, and his skills with a sword are second to none. If you find yourself on the wrong side of Aatrox, you had better hope that you can run faster than him because he will not hesitate to kill you.

Why Is Aatrox Good

  • Very good in duels
  • He will probably outheal all champions in a fight, maybe except Vladimir
  • He provides good AOE hits with his abilities, making him excel in team fights.
  • Good scaling at all stages of the game
  • Season 12 and 13 items favor him

Camille – The Steel Shadow

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Camille
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Camille


Camille, The Steel Shadow, is a mighty and feared warrior who strikes fear into her enemies’ hearts. She is a master of melee and ranged combat and is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Her skills with a blade are second to none, and she is known for her ruthless efficiency in battle. Camille is a cold and calculating fighter who always seems one step ahead of her opponents. She is a fearsome opponent and one that should not be underestimated.

Why Is Camille Good

  • Camille has excellent mobility and can get sticky to those long-range matchups.
  • Good escape routes due to her mobility can counter swindles
  • Perfect scaling throughout the game
  • Her ultimate locks in slippery champions

Darius – The Hand of Noxus

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Darius
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Darius


Darius is in the hand of Noxus, a fearsome warrior who strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. He is a master of strategy and tactics, and his battle prowess is second to none. He is a relentless fighter, always seeking to defeat his foes. Darius is a symbol of strength and power, and his presence on the battlefield is enough to strike terror into the hearts of his enemies.

Why Is Darius Good

  • He’s one of the best duels in the top lane.
  • His ultimate has a reset so he can get that pentakill you are looking for
  • He scales well at all levels of the game
  • He offers some CC so he can participate well in team fights

Dr. Mundo – The Madman of Zaun

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Dr. Mundo
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Dr. Mundo


Dr. Mundo is a madman. He’s a madman of Zaun, and he’s one of the most dangerous men in the city. He’s a mad scientist and responsible for some of the most horrific experiments in Zaun. He’s also responsible for creating the city’s most potent weapon, the Zaun Amalgam.

Dr. Mundo is a madman, but he’s also a genius. He’s a brilliant scientist and always looking for new ways to experiment. He’s always looking for new ways to hurt people, and he’s always looking for new ways to kill. He’s a danger to himself and everyone around him and needs to be stopped. So if you see Dr. Mundo, don’t approach him. He’s a madman, and he’s not to be trifled with.

Why Is Mundo Good

  • It offers insane team fighting potential by absorbing all the damage and never dying.
  • He’s immune to most CC due to his ultimate and passive
  • He can do a good amount of percent damage, so he’s good against killing tanks
  • He’s a great split pusher and tower taker

Gangplank – The Saltwater Scourge

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Gangplank
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Gangplank


Gangplank is one of the most feared pirates ever to sail the seas. He’s known for his ruthless tactics and his love of plunder. However, he’s also known for his love of saltwater. He’s so fond of saltwater that he often bathes in it.

This love of saltwater led him to be nicknamed “The Saltwater Scourge.” He’s earned this nickname because he often uses saltwater to torture his victims. He’s been known to pour saltwater on their wounds or force them to drink it. Gangplank is a dangerous pirate; if you ever find yourself on his ship, you’re in for a world of hurt.

Why Is Gangplank Good

  • He is one of the best scaling champions in the game; in the late game, if you land his barrels, he can one-shot one or more people simultaneously due to his age attack.
  • He counters a lot of suppression and cc champions like Malzahar
  • He’s pretty safe in laning phase as he has a lot of ranged attacks
  • His global ultimate gives you presence across the map and can impact fights from far away

Garen – The Might of Demacia

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Garen
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Garen


Garen is a top lane juggernaut who excels in extended fights and team fights thanks to his robust crowd control and damage output. He is a versatile fighter who can build tanky or damage-focused, making him a difficult opponent to take down. Additionally, Garen is a firm layer who can bully his opponents and take control of the lane. He is a potent initiator in team fights and can quickly take down enemies with his spinning blade.

Why Is Garen Good

  • Garen has a super easy kit which makes him very easy to pick up and play and allows you to focus on macro.
  • His ultimate scales well, and he can finish off a lot of people with it in team fights.
  • He has good mobility due to his Q ability which gives him speed and an enhanced auto attack.
  • He has excellent and easy team fighting potential due to his e ability

Gnar – The Missing Link

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Gnar
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Gnar


Gnar is a relatively new and unknown creature that is said to inhabit the forests of North America. This creature is considered a cross between a bear and a human and extremely dangerous. Some say that this creature is the missing link between humans and animals. There have been many sightings of this creature, but no one has been able to capture one.

Why Is Gnar Good

  • Gnar offers a combination of tackiness and mobility
  • His ultimate allows you to cc a lot of champions in a team fight making a considerable impact
  • He can stay back in lane due to his range of original form and farm safely
  • He gets very tanky and can absorb a lot of damage in team fights

Heimerdinger – The Revered Inventor

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Heimerdinger
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Heimerdinger


Heimerdinger is a brilliant scientist who has devoted his life to developing advanced technological devices. Many revered him as a genius inventor, and his work has led to the creation of some of the most powerful and influential machines in all of Runeterra. Heimerdinger’s inventions have profoundly impacted the course of history, and his name is synonymous with progress and innovation. He is a true visionary, and his work will continue to shape the future of Runeterra for generations to come.

Why Is Heimerdinger Good

  • He’s a lane bully, so for those tanky tops, he’s a perfect counter
  • His rockets can slowly drain down the health of your opponent while you farm safely without impact
  • He is almost immune to swindles if he stays within his rocket range, so junglers have a problematic time swindling him
  • He’s an excellent tower-taking champion, so if you plan to push the lane and have no counter, he’s excellent at it

Irelia – The Blade Dancer

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Irelia
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Irelia


Irelia is a versatile melee fighter who excels at taking down multiple opponents at once. Her kit revolves around her blades, which she can use to deal damage, heal herself, and even stun her enemies. Irelia is a highly mobile champion who can easily reposition herself in fights, making her very difficult to take down.

Why Is Irelia Good

  • She’s one of the best duelists in the game.
  • Her passive gives her a massive power spike at early levels, allowing you to all in many champions and win.
  • She scales tremendously well.
  • Her mobility in team fights is excellent, allowing you to swive in and out and hit many champions simultaneously.
  • She is challenging to master, but if you get the hang of her e ability, you can stun more than one champion in a team fight having a considerable impact.

Jax – The Grandmaster at Arms

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Jax
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Jax


Jax is the Grandmaster at Arms, a melee fighter with a lot of burst damage. He is considered one of the strongest champions in the game and is often banned from competitive play. Jax is a very versatile champion and can be played in several different ways. He can be played as a solo layer or in a duo lane. He can be played as an off-tank or as a bruiser. Jax is a very strong ganker and can easily take down enemies with his burst damage. Jax is also an excellent duelist and can easily take down other champions 1v1. Jax is a very good counter-pick to many winners and can be very difficult to deal with if you don’t know how to play against him.

Why Is Jax Good

  • Jax is probably the best scaling champion in the game, only second perhaps to Kayle.
  • He’s one of the best duelists after level 11
  • He has an insane ultimate, which makes him tanky and can throw out a lot of damage.
  • His E ability is an AOE that can stun multiple champions
  • He’s an excellent team fighter in the late game
  • He has perfect split pushing power, especially in low elos

Kled – The Cantankerous Cavalier

Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions - Kled
Best League Of Legends Top Lane Champions – Kled


He is a cantankerous, battle-hardened warrior who has seen and done everything. He’s a fighter who knows no quit and will take on any challenge head-on.

Kled is a man of few words, but when he speaks, people listen. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy, and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He’s the kind of person who’s always ready for a fight, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. Kled is a fierce competitor who always wants to be the best. He’s not scared to work hard to achieve his goals. He’s also a bit of a hothead and can be quick to anger. But, when it comes to battle, Kled is always calm, relaxed, and collected.

Kled is a loyal friend and ally, but he’s also a bit of a loner. He’s not one for small talk or idle chatter. He’d rather be out in the thick of battle than stuck in a stuffy room. Kled is the epitome of a warrior. He’s strong, brave, and fiercely loyal. He’s a man of action and is not afraid to take on any challenge. So if you’re looking for someone to lead you into battle, Kled is your man.

Why Is Kled Good

  • Global ultimate, which allows him to travel the map very fast and take those opportunities of low-health enemies
  • Besides his suitable engagement, he also offers a lot of survivability due to his passive, so picking him in a team fight will be hard to kill him
  • Difficult to outduel, I call him the anti-duelist because it’s hard to kill him, so he counters well the duelist champions
  • He’s a lane bully as he has no mana and can quickly kill you just by draining you

14. Malphite – Shard of the Monolith


Malphite is a massive, rock-like creature from the mineral-rich world of Shurima. A being of great elemental power, Malphite’s body, is composed of a rare, super-dense material found only in the deepest caverns of his home world. His immense strength results from his body’s natural density, and he can use this power to crush his opponents with a single blow.

Malphite is a being of great elemental power, his body composed of rare, super-dense material. Malphite’s great strength comes from the natural density of his body, allowing him to crush his opponents with a single blow. Malphite is a creature of great strength and power. His body is made of rare and dense material, found only in the deepest caverns of his home world. This gives him the ability to crush his opponents with a single blow.

Why Is Malphite Good

I have written an extensive article on why Malphite is good, which you can find here:

How to carry with Malphite

Nasus – The Curator of the Sands


Nasus is a massive, imposing figure, standing well over seven feet tall and with road shoulders. His skin is sand-colored, and his eyes gleam like polished obsidian. He wears simple robes of white, belted with a length of golden cloth. On his back is a massive scimitar, taller than he is, with a curved blade that looks like it could cut through stone.

Nasus is the self-proclaimed Curator of the Sands and has lived in the desert for centuries. He is a wise and learned man who has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. He is a master of magic, and he has used his powers to protect the desert from those who would do it harm. Nasus is a guardian of the desert and has sworn to protect it from all threats. He is a mighty warrior, and he has defeated many enemies. He is also a wise and compassionate man who has helped many people.

Nasus is a great leader who has inspired many people to fight for the desert. He is a symbol of hope for the people of the desert, and he will continue to fight for them.

Why Is Nasus Good

  • He has a passive that makes him scale attack damage infinitely if the game goes on forever, so technically, he can get away without building any damaged items and still do great.
  • His ultimate makes him very difficult to kill; however, be careful at early levels. You can die pretty quickly.
  • He has very good, if not one of the best, pushing power
  • In the late game, he can tank a lot of damage in a team fight, letting them get ahead while still being able to one-shot people with his stacked Q

Ornn – The Fire Below The Mountain


Or is a massive, earthen golem who wanders the mountains of Runeterra, seeking to perfect his craft. He is a master smith, able to forge anything from the most delicate of jewelry to the mightiest of weapons, and his skills are sought by both mortals and immortals alike. Or is a patient creature, but he is not without temper. When he is angered, the very earth trembles and lava erupts from the ground. Those who cross him do so at their peril, for Ornn is as much a force of destruction as he is of creation.

Despite his power, Ornn is humble, and he takes great joy in helping others. He is especially fond of children and often takes them under his wing, teaching them the ways of smithing. Those who know Ornn well say he is a creature of two halves: the calm, patient smith and the raging volcano. But both halves are essential to Ornn and the world he protects.

Why Is Ornn Good

  • Super tanky at all levels of the game, making him hard to kill while taking damage for his team
  • One of the best ultimate abilities that lets him CC a lot of people at the same time while knocking them up (blends well with Yasuo)
  • He can upgrade items for his teammates empowering them and giving them more base stats; this is incredibly valuable since Riot introduced Mythic items
  • He can buy things without leaving the lane, giving him an early advantage while not losing XP

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