Most Fun LoL Junglers


Most Fun LoL Junglers
Most Fun LoL Junglers

In this article we will cover the Most Fun LoL Junglers. In League everyone knows that it’s a highly competitive game but a lot of people play it for fun too including myself. I want to go over here what I consider junglers that are fun to play. This does not mean these are good for you to climb with just give you joy playing them. Since this varies based on what elo you are in I have covered a rating score for both high and low elo.

For example lets take the classic example of Master Yi. Yi is a great jungler and excels in low elo, in fact he was my first pentakill champion. In late game he becomes a monster and it’s probably unstoppable right? Well yes and no. This works quite well in lower elos where people don’t know how to counter him (with cc more on this later) but it doesn’t work at all in higher elos where people know how to counter him. Thus Yi is a lot of fun playing in lower elos but not fun at all if you are against people that know what they are doing!

Lee Sin

There couldn’t have been a better jungler I could start with other than Lee Sin. Lee Sin is so much fun to play with especially if you master him. Lets go over some of the reasons of why I think he’s fun to play with:

  • His kit allows for a lot of crazy combos that can one shot people without much counter play if you pull them off, so get creative here!
  • He has an early and mid level spike which means if you get ahead it has that feels good effect and hopefully he lets you close the game early. If you don’t there’s nothing to worry about as he can provide a lot of utility in late game too.
  • His abilities are mainly skill shot based and they synergize very well. By that I mean you can do street fighter like combos weaving in auto-attacks for extra damage, in fact his passive encourages this kind of thing.
  • He has fun interactions and a lot of cool skins.

Low Elo Fun Level: 7/10

High Elo Fun Level: 10/10


This list couldn’t exist without Shaco. He is the master of deception and I think as he says the tricks on you. The master trickster has a kit a lot of other champions would envy but let me give you some reasons as to why I personally think he’s a great champion to have fun with:

  • His invisibility is a lot of fun, champions are chasing you you are almost dead and all of a sudden you vanish from their eyes and they can’t find you anymore!
  • His toy box lets you put in the path while being chased and it fears and stops champions from getting to you.
  • Doing dragon and you want to avoid getting killed? Well use your ultimate to make a clone of yourself and deceive the enemies so they wouldn’t know who to target, by the time they figure it out you already took your objective and probably disappeared too!
  • No need for flash because of your Q ability so you can take ignite for more pressure and fun early duels

Low Elo Fun Level: 10/10

High Elo Fun Level: 7/10


Moving on to Kha’Zix on our list. I think he’s one of the best one shot champions of the game. Not only that but he has a lot of other features that make him really cool to play:

  • His passive which is isolation can one shot anyone roaming alone solo, this is particularly good if your enemy has a lot of squishes seeing the health bar basically disappear.
  • He has invisibility in his kit making him fun to escape when being chased, but he can re-activate it again and come back and one shot you when his abilities come off cool down!
  • He has a jump so he can go over walls and escape ganks or run away from enemy chasing Junglers like yi

Low Elo Fun Level: 8/10

High Elo Fun Level: 7/10


Lately I’ve been picking up Kayn to climb elo and I can tell you for sure not only is this champion in my opinion really good but he’s also a lot of fun to play with (not against). I believe Kayn right now might be in the top 5 champions of the entire game and he’s very strong but here I want to give you my reasoning as to why he’s also fun to play with.

  • Extreme mobility he has a special dynamic that no other champion has which is going through walls but that’s not only it he can even hit you while he’s in a wall and he’s un-targettable there!
  • He has another unique ability which is his ultimate and that is go inside you becoming again untargettable and coming out of you while healing!
  • He has yet another ability that does both damage and lets you go through walls!
  • He can knock up and CC multiple champions too if you go in his red form.
  • He has a one shot potential if you decide to go into the blue form which is also a lot of fun
  • He’s versatile and lets you change how you want to go in your gameplay between red and blue form so switching it up makes him less boring

As you can see Kayn has an insane kit and he’s very strong champion I highly recommend him if you want both of the worlds in one champion!

Low Elo Fun Level: 10/10

High Elo Fun Level: 10/10


Rengar is one of the best one shot champions of the game. That fact alone could make him fun to play, but lets break down in more detail why else you may want to consider him to extend your entertainment.

  • He has an invisibility ultimate that lasts for a long duration allowing you to reach the squishies such as the ADC champions in the backline without issues.
  • He can end his ultimate with a long range jump attack and get to them without issues allowing him to initiate his great one shot potential
  • His damage is out of this world so once he gets fed he can easily snowball and solo carry a game killing everyone
  • His ultimate gives him great mobility so he can be everywhere in the map effortlessly
  • He stacks bounties making him a late game monster that’s very hard to stop

I think you will really enjoy playing rengar overall but one thing I want to say is that you need to make sure you give him some time as he’s a bit difficult to master. Even though his abilities are easy to use his positioning and target selection has to be done carefully otherwise you will just end up dead. He has no escape routes or protection so that makes him a full all-in assassin.

Low Elo Fun Level: 10/10

High Elo Fun Level: 8/10


Evelynn is very similar to Rengar in nature but she differs from him that she has a better escape route making her also fun to play. Lets break down the reasons why I think Evelynn is a fun champion.

  • Invisibility in her passive allows you to roam the map without being noticed (except of sweaper lens and wards).
  • She has a huge burst combo so she can one shot a champion fairly easily
  • Her ultimate is AOE so she can deal a lot of damage at the same time to a lot of champions, just make sure you go in as a finisher not as an initiator
  • She has great mobility and movement speed so her presence in the map can be very good
  • Once she one shots someone she can easily escape as she goes out of vision she becomes invisible and also heals, make sure you take advantage of this with getting the right runes.
  • Her ultimate lets her also escape from fights effortless as she has a mechanic where she leaps backwards.

As you can tell Evelynn is a very good champion and I believe she has everything Rengar has but also she has a great escape route to exit fights. As always there’s a disadvantage here she’s not very good at taking objectives so if you encounter a good objective jungle such as Nunu you will have a hard time competing.

Low Elo Fun Level: 10/10

High Elo Fun Level: 8/10

Master Yi

Closing I couldn’t leave master yi out of this guide. While Yi is a great champion and he’s a lot of fun to play this only applies to low elo gameplay. As the players get better unfortunately it’s very easy to predict what he does and where he’s at making him actually frustrating to pull off in high elo play.

  • He can easily 1v5 an entire team as he’s one of the best late game duelists, don’t forget if he gets cc’d a lot that will ruin his plans so good master yi players are good at using the Q at the right time
  • He has insane amounts of damage and attack speed so it just feels good to auto attack a champion to their death
  • He has good gap closing and follow abilities built into his kit with his Q letting you follow leaps, dashes or even long range ultimates by going inside a champion
  • His ultimate gives him speed in movement and attacking making him ideal to keep presence everywhere in the map giving you lots of joy when chasing down those squishies but also tanky champions which you can easily melt with blade of the ruined king
  • Right when they think they can kill you you can use your W to heal this is a lot of fun when outplaying duels or just surviving in the last second! Furthermore the new changes that were done in late Season 12 for Master Yi give him a lower cool down and more use of his W ability providing an even higher potential for outplay.

Generally I’d say if you are now starting out and want to go with a very easy and fun to play League of Legends champion Master Yi is your answer. Out of this entire list he’s by far the easiest and most rewarding when playing in low elo. If you are Platinum or higher than I’d say think twice and probably pick up some other champion to climb the ladder.

Low Elo Fun Level: 10/10

High Elo Fun Level: 5/10


Hope you enjoyed this guide on Most Fun LoL Junglers. I gave you my perspective as a player having played Jungle for over 8 years now sometimes as my main and sometimes as a secondary role. After all League Of Legends is a game and you should always favor having fun over climbing. If you are a professional or streamer and this is your job probably you should reconsider the above statement but casual players like me can enjoy the game!

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