How To Carry With Jax


How To Carry With Jax
How To Carry With Jax

Today we will go over How To Carry With Jax. I have played Jax from Season 10-12 as one of my top lane main champions. He was always in my pool before that but with the latest changes in Season 12 and upcoming ones in Season 13 his strength has grown a lot.

Let me explain why with Season 12 early buffs on health and resistances Jax is now doing very good at early game which was his weakness earlier. The reason is that he can survive easier as he’s more tanky and has more sustain. Having said that this is not the reason I play him. Jax in my opinion is one of the best duelists and split pushers at the same time in the game. His stats and scaling is probably one of the best ones and he has great team fight potential.

So in this guide I’m going to tell you how to carry with him at all different stages of the game and how to adapt your gameplay in order to secure the win.

How To Play Early Game As Jax

First we will go over how to play Jax in the early game in order to safely carry and keep this consistency of your late game potential.

As mentioned earlier Jax is a strong late game champion who excels in 1v1 fights and split pushing. When playing Jax, you should always look to take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes and capitalize on them. Here are some tips on how to carry with Jax in the early game:

1) Look for openings in your opponent’s defense and exploit them. Jax is very good at finding openings in his opponent’s defense and then capitalizing on them. If you see your opponent make a mistake, don’t hesitate to go in for the kill. The reason for this is that his Q ability is a good gap closer and he can be very punishing once he gets on top of the enemy champion.

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2) Be aggressive and take control of the lane. Jax is a very aggressive champion and he thrives when he’s in control of the lane. When playing Jax, you should always look to be the one dictating the pace of the game. One mistake I used to do is play back and sit under the tower but then I got poked out if there was a ranged top laner and was never able to engage. Once I adapted my game to be more aggressive into a pushing lane kind of thing I started to change the tides and get more early game leads. One thing to be worry off here is enemy ganks the way I counter those is that I always keep a ward to use his Q mechanic where he hops on a ward allowing him to escape a gank.

3) Use your auto-attacks to your advantage. Jax’s auto-attacks deal a lot of damage and they can easily take down an opponent if used correctly. Always look to use your auto-attacks to harass your opponents and force them to back off. Make sure you are procing the auto attack after you hit 2 enemy champions taking advantage of his great mechanic where every third strike deals more damage. This is especially useful for early game when trading in lane with your Q,W combo.

4) Be aware of your surroundings. Jax is very susceptible to ganks from the enemy jungler. Always be aware of your surroundings and try to stay safe when possible. If you see the enemy jungler coming, don’t hesitate to back off and play safe.

5) Focus on farming and getting items. Jax is a very item dependent champion. In order to be successful with Jax, you need to focus on farming and getting items. Try to farm as much as possible and get items that will help you in fights.

How To Play Mid Game As Jax

Jax starts getting stronger mid game and at this point he should be able to start dueling most top laners of the game. The most important part here is to adapt your gameplay if you have fallen behind early game to a bit more defensive if you have a lane bully like Renekton. If there’s some late game champion like Kayle or Nasus go aggressive as you will always be able to win them in trades. For champions such as Tryndamere it’s a skill matchup if you play it properly you have a slightly upper hand just make sure you save your e to disengage he tries to all in you.

Jax has high burst damage and can easily take down squishy targets. In order to carry with Jax in the mid game, you need to be aggressive and look for opportunities to pick off enemies. If you are against a ranged champion take every opportunity you have to jump into them with your Q, especially if they mis-step.

The first thing you need to do is assess the enemy team composition. If they have a lot of tanky champions, then you need to focus on picking off their squishier targets. If they have a lot of AP champions, then you need to build magic resistance. Once you know what you’re up against, you can start to look for openings.

If an enemy is out of position, take advantage of it and go in for the kill. Jax’s kit allows him to quickly close the gap and deal a lot of damage. If you can get a few early kills, it will put you ahead of the enemy team and give you a better chance of winning the game.

Always be aware of your surroundings and try to stay safe. Don’t take unnecessary risks and only engage when you know you can win the fight. If you play smart and make the most of your opportunities, you should be able to carry your team to victory with Jax in the mid game.

How To Carry With Jax Late Game

At this stage of the game Jax is a late game carry who excels in extended fights as well as duels. If you find yourself trying to 1v1 someone while split pushing go ahead and take the fight. Jax main weakness is his lack of mobility (aside from the Q-ward-jump mechanic), so he must be careful when engaging enemies that are heavy on CC and they have their abilities up.

Here are some tips on how to play Jax in the late game:

1. Stay behind your tanks and let them engage first. Jax’s damage output is high, but he is very susceptible to being focused down by the enemy team.

2. Use Jax’s Leap Strike to initiate fights or to escape from dangerous situations.

3. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity to strike. Jax’s damage is not always consistent, so it is important to pick your moments carefully.

4. Focus on taking down squishy targets first. Jax’s damage output is particularly effective against fragile targets.

5. Use Jax’s Counter Strike to disrupt enemies and to create openings for your team.

6. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Jax’s lack of mobility can be exploited by enemies if you’re not careful.

7. Stay close to your team and don’t get isolated. Jax is very vulnerable when he is alone and can easily be picked off by the enemy team.

8. Make use of Jax’s ultimate, Relentless Assault, to quickly take down enemies. This ability can also be used to escape from dangerous situations.

9. Be cautious when using Jax’s abilities. His abilities have long cooldowns, so he must use them wisely.

10. Always try to stay alive. Jax’s damage output is essential to his team’s success, so he must be careful not to die.

Overall Jax in late game will continue to scale, he’s one of the best champions if the game goes over 40 minutes. I think his win rate sky rockets after 35-40mins and this is because of his multi-purpose power as a split pusher, team fighter and 1v1 duelist. I think he’s also very much in the meta right now so go ahead and pick him up and start your learning curve with him as he will pay dividends.


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What is your favorite play style as Jax?

I personally enjoy playing him as a split pusher/duelist. I think in lower elo games most people tend to ignore towers and objectives which makes it very easy with Jax to win the game and break into their base. There’s been countless times when I play in Gold and Silver elo where I got into inhibitor and the enemy team would be roaming around the map like headless chickens doing nothing at all.

As you go up in the ranks like Platinum/Diamond things tend to get a bit more complicated and you can’t split push entirely the whole game. You need to alter your play style and join team fights or even rotate to help your other lanes otherwise they will just see your pattern and straight up group to kill you. Closing I think what makes a good Jax player is adaptability. Being able to change your play style on the circumstances of the game is the most important reason to be good with him. Luckily for you Jax offers a versatile style and item build so you can get away with pretty much everything.

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