Which ADC Has The Highest DPS

Introduction In League of Legends, Attack Damage Carries (ADCs) are typically the primary damage dealers on a team. They are typically ranged champions who build items that increase their attack damage and critical strike chance, allowing them to deal massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time. There are many different ADCs to …

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Is Draven a Lane Bully

Introduction A lot of people ask me the question: Is Draven a lane bully? When talking about Bottom Lane. And I always say: Yes, he is! Draven is definitely one of the most iconic League of Legends champions and he is one hundred percent a lane dominator. In this article we’re going to cover Draven …

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Who is the Safest ADC

Introduction Are you new to playing ADCs? Whatever the reason it’s always good to examine which champions are good at what in every lane, in the case of ADCs a common complaint from players is that they feel like they die too easily. To help players with this issue we compiled a pretty comprehensive list …

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Is it Ok to be a One Trick in League

Introduction You have probably heard the phrase “One Trick” in League of Legends, but do you really know what a One Trick is in League? There is more nuance to this than one would think at first. In this article, we’re going to break down all there is to know about One Tricking, We’ll talk …

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Is Ezreal Hard To Play

One of the most common questions asked by beginners and people coming back into the game is this one. Is Ezreal hard to play? I would say yes, he is quite a hard champion to play and there are multiple reasons why that is the case. In this article we’re going to talk about why …

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Best LOL Bruisers

Best LOL Bruisers

Introduction Today I’m going to cover the Best LOL Bruisers. This has been a controversial topic over the years and it has certainly shifted in meta over the years. Season 12 and the upcoming Season 13 for League of Legends is no exception to this rule. More specificially today we will cover the best bruisers …

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