How To Play Against Katarina In League Of Legends


How To Play Against Katarina In League Of Legends
How To Play Against Katarina In League Of Legends

We will go over How To Play Against Katarina In League Of Legends.

Katarina is a high-mobility assassin who excels at quickly taking down targets. She is often played in the mid lane, but can also be played in the top or bottom lane. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to play against Katarina in League of Legends.

Katarina’s main strength is her ability to quickly kill isolated targets. She excels at getting in and out of fights quickly, and her ultimate ability allows her to teleport around the map. This makes her very difficult to catch and makes her a threat to any squishy target.

How To Counter Katarina Team Fighting

  • The best way to play against Katarina is to try and keep her isolated.
  • If she gets into a team fight, she can quickly kill multiple targets. Try to engage her when she is alone, and avoid team fights if possible.
  • If you can catch her out of position, she is very vulnerable and can be easily killed.
  • Another way to play against Katarina is to play very aggressively. This will force her to play more defensively, and she will be less likely to get kills. If you can get ahead of her in the early game, she will be forced to play catch up and will be at a disadvantage.
  • Finally, be aware of her ultimate ability. Her e allows her to move around the map, and she can use it to quickly escape or engage. If you see her using her ultimate, be prepared to engage or retreat. If you are playing someone with a wall like Yasuo or Samira make sure you keep it as they are good counters to her ultimate.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to win against Katarina. Just be aware of her strengths and play to your own strengths.

Katerina Strengths and Weaknesses

Lets go over some tips on understanding her strengths better as these will help you overall to know what she’s doing when and how. This will let you predict and be more comfortable laning against her.

  • First, you need to be aware of her abilities. Katarina has a unique ability called Shunpo which allows her to teleport to a nearby target. This can be used to quickly close the gap on an enemy, or to escape from a dangerous situation.
  • Her other abilities include a bouncing blade which does damage to multiple targets so it’s good to be aware of that AOE damage spell.
  • Her ultimate ability which can deal massive damage to a single target throwing blades everywhere this is something as we discussed earlier that you want to try and avoid when possible.
  • When playing against Katarina, you need to be aware of her ability to quickly close the gap. If she gets close to you, she will most likely use her ultimate ability which can deal a lot of damage. Try to keep your distance and kite her if possible. If you are able to kill her, she will likely respawn in a few seconds due to her passive ability.

Overall Katarina is a mobile assassin who excels at quickly closing the gap and dealing a lot of damage. Her ultimate ability can be especially deadly if she gets close to you. Try to use methods such as kiting her if possible or wait for her cool downs to engage on her.

Katarina Team Fighting

In this section we will go over why Katarina alone is not enough to win the team fight especially as you reach higher elo.

  • Katarina is very reliant on her team. If her team is not doing well, she will likely be less effective. Try to focus on taking down her teammates first, and then going for her.
  • Make sure when possible to use your CC abilities right before she tries to do a combo. If she starts killing people it will be much harder for you to do anything as there will be less people left in your team to stop her and she will have all the ability resets which her kit supports. I believe early on the focus should be on her. One thing to note her is to never under estimate her as she can still do a lot of damage even if she’s behind in kills and items due to her unbalanced stats.
  • She can take down even the most tanky of targets. Her kit is full of burst damage and she can easily take down even the most fed opponents.

How To Counter Katarina In Lane

  • Katarina has a very strong kit that allows her to deal a lot of damage very quickly. Her Q, W, and E all deal damage in an area around her, and her ultimate deals massive damage to a single target. She can also use her Q to teleport to a nearby enemy, making her very hard to catch. Best tip here is to keep distance if you are a mage, otherwise wait for cool downs and all-in her (note she can reset her cooldowns but in lane it’s harder to pull off).
  • As a mage poke her down on every opportunity you have, as a melee waiting for her to use her e dash and not get a reset and then go in her so she can’t escape your damage, if she ults disengage if it’s pre-6 then you have nothing to worry about.
  • If her ultimate is up and she’s sitting in lane try not to be the initiator unless you can do this from a distance, once she uses and she misses most of it she’s very vulnerable so that’s an opening for you in lane to go into her.
  • Fourth, you need to be able to burst her down. Katarina is very squishy, and she will go down quickly if you can deal a lot of damage to her in a short period of time. Often, the best way to do this is to wait for her to use her ultimate, and then burst her down with your own abilities as we mentioned earlier.
  • Put wards down at all times of landing, a common meme in the league of legends world is that Katarina’s like to roam in the map to try to get kills. Do not let her do that and always try to follow.
  • If you are a squishy mage and can’t follow the best thing you can do for your team is notify them. You can notify them by checking if Katarina leaves the lane or by checking strategic wards you have placed.
  • If she goes back and she’s taking too long to return it means she’s out of a roam this is one of the hardest ones to counter because you don’t know before it’s too late. What I like to do is ping anyway my allies if this happens before hand or notify them manually by saying probably this isn’t an issue but be aware that she went back and may come to your lane directly.
  • Get the right items, if you are squishy mage then buy for sure Zhonya Hourglass as this can completely counter her ultimate ability and mitigate a lot of damage.
  • Another good item you can get against her as a mage is Crown of the shattered queen. This item allows you to take reduced damage and avoid dying. It was designed specifically to work well against assassins like Katarina and Zed where they try to burst you down with one combo.
  • If you are a melee fighter then you can benefit from any magic resistance item. Do not be the confident player that doesn’t buy any magic resistance against her. Katarina’s burst is very high and she will definitely kill you with one combo if you don’t have any MR.
  • Another good item you can buy against her later in the game is guardian angel. In that case even if she goes all in you and wins you will revive able to kill her if her abilities are on cool down.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to win lane versus Katarina.


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The one thing I want to close and leave you with is that Katarina can be a very tricky champion to lane against. Even knowing all of the above a good Katarina player can still bully you into submission and win lane just by zoning you out. So please do not play over defensive being afraid of her at some point know that you need to take a risk to win the duel or late game team fighting. League of legends is a game that at some point relies on who will take a the bigger risk and get away with it and versing Katarina is no exception to that rule.

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