How To Tilt Your Enemy In League Of Legends


How To Tilt Your Enemy In League Of Legends
How To Tilt Your Enemy In League Of Legends

We will discuss on everything you need to know about How To Tilt Your Enemy In League Of Legends.

Did you know that tilting your enemy could give you an easy win?

Today we are going to cover the following:

  • Why tilting your enemy in lol is benefecial
  • Strategies to use to tilt your enemy
  • How to secure the win once the tilt happens

One of the best ways to get an easy win in lol is to tilt your enemy. Not only does this work but it can also forgive your bad play and negligence. However always keep in mind that even if the game ends up being a 4v5 and you have successfully tilted your enemy you can still lose.

Never underestimate and make sure you close the deal as soon as possible. In this article we will go over a few tips on how to do this once the tilt happens and there’s a rage quit.

Why Tilting Your Enemy In LOL Helps

Why Tilting Your Enemy In LOL Helps
Why Tilting Your Enemy In LOL Helps

The first thing you need to understand that the game always starts even. In some cases you may be facing an emery that’s already tilted and in a loss streak. Tools such as porofessor give you that information in the loading screen of the game do make use of them if you want to know that.

This accounts for approximately 1 out of 5 of your games. The other 4 of your games you will be facing an enemy that’s not tilted and is playing normal. Below I will outline why tilting them will help you win the game and increase the chances for your entire team.

  • In team fights playing 4v5 you have more damage in general all your stats are amplified since you are more people
  • In lane you have an advantage to get stronger and more items so in team fights you will be able to have an unfair item set over your enemies
  • In team fights you will be higher levels as you will be killing your enemy more times which in return will allow you to get more stats (note this changes once everyone reaches level 18 in late game)
  • You will have no deaths so you can stack items such as mejis etc.
  • You will be able to take towers easier, especially if the enemy leaves. This will make the enemy team focus you more freeing up more resources to your team members.
  • You will be able to contest dragons and herald easier as you will be more people sometimes it may go uncontested if you are top or bot lane.
  • You will be able to assist your jungler more during laning phase since the enemy will be absent
  • If the enemy is feeding all lanes then it will be even easier as everyone in your team will get kills and items and get ahead
  • You will always have your summoners since you won’t be using them against him

As you can see the list is pretty massive and the advantage of tilting your enemy is huge. However this all comes with a catch which we will explain in the strategies below.

How To Tilt Your Enemy LOL

How To Tilt Opponent LOL
How To Tilt Opponent LOL

So the time for the fun stuff has come. Below I’m going to outline some of the strategies I use to tilt the enemy. Before you judge me and say is tilting ethical? Well ethics don’t really come into play here this is a game it’s not real life. In real life this happens too and there you can definitely make a point of ethics.

When I’m playing video games I think everything is fair game even if someone finds a way of cheating without breaking the rules of the game. So tilting your enemy as bad as it may sound is a good way of getting the win. After all tilting is just a form of dominating your lane and being much better than them both mentally and gameplay wise.

Duo Queue With Jungler

Duo Queue With Jungler
Duo Queue With Jungler

One of the best strategies to tilt your enemy is to play in duo queue with a friend of yours. The idea here is that one of the two of you goes jungle and the other person goes into a solo lane ideally mid or top but bottom can work too in some cases.

Once you go there you help them leash and to hit level 2 fast then your ally jungler gets an early game jungler such as Nunu, Leesin, Shaco or Jarvin to make an early gank. The idea here is that you try to get an early kill on the enemy so you need to take ignite to secure the kill.

If that succeeds you setup a bush gank and wait for him to go back in lane before he gets to lane you have previously pushed the minions and over extended past the tower so his minions never reach to the tower.

What this accomplishes is that the lane is so far pushed out he won’t be able to defend himself under tower so with the help with your jungler you try to kill him again. If you have an aggressive jungler that can take ignite like shaco make sure you split it up when each of you uses it.

If these two kills have worked now you have a huge advantage and the enemy is very likely to complain or start tilting. The higher the elo the better for you as they know that an early advantage is key to winning in Season 12. If you have not succeeded he will still be so far behind in levels and gold that you can basically dive him again at level 6 and set him even further behind. From here on you have successfully made the game 4v5.

Early ADC Cheese

Early ADC Cheese
Early ADC Cheese

The early cheese bush with ADCs is another great tactic to accomplish this. I have written an extensive article about it here.

How To Win Early As ADC LOL

The main idea is that you sit on a bush with someone like a Morgana, blitz, naut or leona and basically cheese stun the enemies as they walk to lane. Then rinse and repeat until you start tilting them. Note this strategy is a bit risky especially if their jungler is good and decides to punish you. So always be aware and be ready to adjust your gameplay if that happens.

Jungle Invasion

Jungle Invasion LOL
Jungle Invasion LOL

Similar to the early ADC cheese the idea here is that you play an early jungler like shaco, leesin and try to bully the enemy jungler but this time with the help of your bottom or top lane. An invasion is not out of the ordinary but usually you would want to get to level 2 super fast and then do it as most early junglers need at least two abilities to pull this off successfully.

I have written more in detail about this in a previous article which you can find here.

How To Win Early Game As A Jungler In League Of Legends

Early Lane Bully

Early Lane Bully LOL
Early Lane Bully LOL

Similar to the above you pick an enemy lane bully. This works particularly well in top lane which is an isolated lane and doesn’t usually have a lot of ganks from the junglers. A good example of this is Renekton or Rumble. Both of these champions have a very strong early burst and they are mana less so they can spam abilities all the time.

If you manage to get a kill try to secure it with ignite preferably to ensure you get the first kill. After that setup a freeze of your lane and do not let the enemy farm at all. This will likely tilt them or set them so far behind they can’t do anything about it to recover.

I have detailed this in the article below.

How To Always Win Lane By Freezing In LOL

How To Secure Win With Tilted Enemy

Winning 4v5 LOL
Winning 4v5 LOL

So now that you have managed to setup a 4v5 situation or have tilted the enemy laner to the point of no return it’s time to talk about how you have to close the deal. Offcourse by closing the deal I mean winning the game as this was always the end goal in this process.

If you can’t win the game what’s the point of tilting the enemy to begin with. Lets go over some reasons though as to why this is very important and tilting does not always guarantee a win.

  • A lot of these strategies rely on you picking an early game champion this means you fall off late game
  • Any level advantage you get will eventually expire as most of everyone given time will reach level 18
  • If they have late game champions this makes your situation even harder as they would scale better than you and eventually gain an advantage
  • Most of the strategies mentioned above put a strain in your team as you are putting more attention on tilting one person. This means they would be set behind and you need to be the carry of the game. If you do not successfully do this you will end up in a situation where one of the enemies might be too strong and you can’t win.
  • Any gold lead you gain will eventually be diminished as everyone will have full build at some point.

Going through the list above you can tell that your main objective is to extend your lead and try to close the deal as fast as possible. Always remember chasing the kills is not the golden bullet getting objectives and killing the nexus gets you the win. So do not be the person that roams around getting kills and then losing the game. I’ve seen that happen many times before and it’s not a good feeling.


If you found How To Tilt Your Enemy In League Of LegendsĀ useful and you think it may have helped you please drop me a cheer below I would appreciate it.

If you have any questions, comments please post them below I check periodically and try to answer them in the priority they come in.
Also if you have any corrections please do let me know and I’ll update the article with new updates or mistakes I did.

What’s your favorite way to tilt your enemy?

As mentioned earlier mine is by far going in a duo game with a friend and camping their lane non-stop until we get some quick kills. However this strategy as discussed is high risk high reward so execution has to be flawless.

If you want to avoid this from happening from you I have written an article below on how to improve your mental and avoid tilting during a losing game of League of Legends.

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