3 Easy Late Game ADCs


3 Easy Late Game ADCs
3 Easy Late Game ADCs

Today we will go over 3 Easy Late Game ADCs.

The late game is the last phase of a League of Legends game, which is why many people should be careful during this part of the match in order to prevent throws and losing. Not only that, but this is the most crucial phase as an AD carry main because this is where the team relies on you to deal a high damage per second (DPS) to win team fights. If you’re looking for a simple hyper-carry in League of Legends, look no further, because here are three easy late-game ADCs in League of Legends.

There are many ADCs that can scale well lately in LOL but we believe these three can carry games and they are also easy to play. The ones we will be covering today are:

  • Jinx
  • Jhin
  • Twitch


3 Easy Late Game ADCs

Arguably the most famous AD carry to date because of the animated League of Legends series, Arcane, Jinx has a straightforward but strong playstyle that many players will love. All of her abilities are easy to use. In fact, only two of her skills are skill shot-based, making her really beginner-friendly. 

Still, even though she is probably the easiest AD carry to use today, she boasts a strong late-game potential because of her minigun and rocket launcher. She scales well with the available items in League of Legends. Her attack speed and area-of-effect (AOE) damage is a menace to deal with, especially during team fights. 

Because of her passive ability, Get Excited, Jinx’s kiting potential is also one of the best in-game, where she gains massive movement speed and attack speed when she destroys an enemy turret or eliminates or assists in killing an enemy champion.

Before we dive into some items to build for her in the late game, here is a rundown of all her abilities

3 Easy Late Game ADCs: Jinx’s Abilities

Get Excited (Passive)

Jinx will gain additional movement speed and attack speed whenever she kills or assists in eliminating an enemy champion, epic jungle monster, or turret.

Switcheroo! (Q)

Jinx’s main damage dealing ability in the late game, Switcheroo modifies her auto attack by switching into Pow-Pow (minigun) or Fishbones (rocket launcher). Jinx will gain attack speed whenever she attacks with Pow-Pow. On the other hand, she will gain AOE damage and increased range when using Fishbones, and the only caveat is that she attacks slower using it.

Zap! (W)

Jinx will take out her shock pistol, Zapper, round up a few seconds, and fire a long blast that will reveal and slow the first enemy hit.

Flame Chompers! (E)

Jinx will throw three snare grenades on the chosen area, which will root and light enemies on fire when stepped on. This ability lasts for 5 seconds.

Super Mega Death Rocket! (Ultimate/R) 

Jinx arms fishbones and fires a super rocket that will travel across the map and deal AOE damage based on the enemies’ missing health. The rocket will deal more damage the farther it travels and collide with the first enemy hit.

3 Easy Late Game ADCs: Best Items For Jinx


A great mythic item for Jinx to have additional mobility. This should be the go-to mythic item when going against assassins.

Kraken Slayer

The mythic item that will provide Jinx with the highest amount of DPS possible, the Kraken Slayer, gives a higher attack speed compared to the Galeforce. Jinx will also deal additional true damage for every third auto attack that she makes, making it a great choice for a late-game carry

Infinity Edge

Jinx thrives on dealing with critical strikes, and Infinity Edge (IE) improves her overall DPS, especially during the late game. This is her core critical strike chance and damage item and is not interchangeable with any other build. She will be a huge problem in team fights when she gets her groove going with at least three items, including the IE.

Rapid Firecannon

Fishbones has one of the longest ranges in the game, and adding Rapid Firecannon to Jinx’s equipment will make it even harder for enemies to reach her during team fights. Not only that, but it also grants an energized attack, making it easier for Jinx to burst enemies in the late game and reach the enemy carries when team fighting. 

Runaan’s Hurricane

A great alternative to Rapid Firecannon, Runaan’s Hurricane grants on-fire additional bolts when auto-attacking. This is also great to spread Jinx’s damage during team fights because it also stacks with her rocket launcher’s AOE damage. Additionally, the bolts also apply on-hit effects, making her critical strikes a problem to be dealt with during the late game.

Berserker’s Greaves

Because of the additional attack speed, Berserker’s Greaves is the number one choice for Jinx. Mercury Treads is also a good alternative, but you can always build Mercury Scimitar to counter crowd control, making Berserker’s Greaves the most built item for her. 


Of course, League’s virtuoso will always be included in a list of the easiest AD carries to play in the late game. He might be the most challenging AD carry to play in this list, but he is still beginner-friendly and will deal enormous damage during the late game. Unlike other AD carries, Jhin only has four bullets that he reloads after a few seconds, making his kit a unique experience. 

Jhin also has a huge range, making him a forgiving champion to play. And on top of that, he has a really strong early game, so transitioning into the late game should not be a problem when using the virtuoso of League. 

He also scales really well with critical strikes, so focusing on those items during the late game will be the best for Jhin. Still, other than his insane movement speed, he does not have any escape with his kit, which is why Jhin players should kite during team fights to stay alive as much as possible. Before diving down the best items for Jhin in the late game, here are all of his abilities so that you can be familiar with his kit:

3 Easy Late Game ADCs: Jhin’s Abilities

Whisper (Passive)

Jhin uses a hand cannon called Whisper, a weapon designed to deal immeasurable damage. However, it only carries four bullets, but the final shot is imbued with dark magics, which is guaranteed to critical strike and deal bonus damage scaling on the enemies missing health. Jhin will also gain movement speed whenever Whisper crits. 

Dancing Grenade (Q)

Jhin launches a bullet that will bounce up to four enemies. The damage will increase each time the bullet kills. 

Deadly Flourish (W)

Jhin fires a long-range shot that pierces through enemies and monsters but will stop at the first champion hit. If it hits a target that has been struck by Jhin, his allies, or Captive Audience, they will be rooted.

Captive Audience (E)

Jhin places an invisible trap that will bloom when stepped on, slowing nearby enemies before exploding and dealing damage. A trap will also appear on an enemy’s corpse when they are killed by Jhin.

Curtain Call (Ultimate/R)

Jhin lines up and transforms Whisper into a shoulder-mounted cannon, which can shoot up to four bullets with extreme range, deals damage scaling with missing health, and pierces through minions and monsters, but stops when it comes into contact with the first champion. An enemy champion is slowed every time they are hit by a bullet. The final shot is guaranteed to critically strike. 

3 Easy Late Game ADCs: Best Items For Jhin


The best mythic item choice for Jhin because it gives him more mobility on top of his insane movement speed. He will significantly benefit from its passive (legendary items gain an additional 2% movement speed) and active (dash to a target location). Galeforce also gives a significant amount of attack damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance, making it the best choice for Jhin.

The Collector

Jhin’s main damage dealing item. His bullets deal additional damage that scales with the enemy’s missing health, making the passive of The Collector execute enemies easily. 

Infinity Edge

As mentioned previously, Jhin benefits heavily from critical strike damage and chance, making Infinity Edge one of his core items in the late game. The passive of Infinity Edge (additional 35% critical strike damage) will allow him to reach his maximum DPS potential. 

Rapid Firecannon

This item will allow Jhin to reach enemies that are positioned further. The energized attacks will also grant Jhin additional damage that will surely demolish any target he sees. Additionally, Rapid Firecannon also grants Jhin an additional 7% movement speed, making it a valuable item in the late game.


A great alternative to Rapid Firecannon. This item also grants energized attacks that slow the enemy hit. However, the additional range and movement speed that Rapid Firecannon provides still make it the best choice for Jhin

Boots of Swiftness

If you have noticed, Jhin heavily relies on movement speed to win battles. Boots of Swiftness makes it much easier by providing him with a reduced effect on slows by 25%. 

Lord Dominik’s Regards

Jhin may have problems dealing with tanks in the late game since his attacks deal additional damage based on missing health. Lord Dominik’s Regards allow him to shred enemy front-liners easily


League of Legends’ very own rat, Twitch, has one of the most interesting character designs in the game. Twitch is arguably as easy as Jinx when it comes to gameplay, but it will all come down to items and skill on who will deal the most damage in team fights. The plague rat has excellent team fight capabilities because of his ultimate, which gives him a bonus 300 attack range and deadly venom that he can pop for a surprising amount of burst damage. 

Twitch might have an extremely weak early game because of his squishiness and low range, but he will pop off once he farms and buys the required items that he needs. Unlike the other AD carries in this list, he does not have a great kiting potential other than his ambush and venom cask, which slows enemies. Nevertheless, he is still an easy champion because he mostly relies on his ultimate to deal damage during team fights. 

Remember to play with your teammates as Twitch because you need to have the best protection that you can get in order to win a team fight. Here is a rundown of Twitch’s abilities and late-game items:

3 Easy Late Game ADCs: Twitch’s Abilities

Deadly Venom (Passive)

Twitch will infect the target every time he attacks them. The venom deals true damage per second

Ambush (Q)

Twitch will cast for a short time, then gain movement speed and become camouflaged. He will gain bonus attack speed when he leaves camouflage. The cooldown for this ability will reset whenever an enemy affected by Deadly Venom dies.

Venom Cask (W)

Twitch will hurl a cask on a target area, releasing deadly venom and slowing targets

Contaminate (E)

Twitch will release lethal toxin to anyone affected by deadly venom, dealing enormous amounts of physical damage.

Spray and Pray (Ultimate/R)

Twitch will unleash the full power of his crossbow, gaining additional attack damage and range. All the bolts that he shoots will also pierce through enemies, damaging enemies in a line. 

3 Easy Late Game ADCs: Best Items For Twitch

Kraken Slayer

The number one mythic item choice for Twitch. Kraken Slayer will give him the most DPS because of the additional true damage it will provide, which is hugely utilized by his ultimate that pierces through enemies. Twitch will shred even the toughest tank champions with ease once he finishes his core items

Immortal Shieldbow

A great mythic item alternative to Kraken Slayer. Immortal Shieldbow grants Twitch tons of survivability in the late game, which is something he hugely benefits from. Still, the DPS that Kraken Slayer provides is the best choice out of the two. 

Infinity Edge

Given that Twitch scales really well with critical strike chance and damage, Infinity Edge is a great choice to further increase his damage potential during team fights. Imagine shooting piercing bullets that are guaranteed to be critical strikes, and the enemy back laners will surely regret fighting you.

Runaan’s Hurricane

This item grants bolts that have on-hit effects, which is a match made in heaven with Twitch. His ultimate and passive greatly benefits from the bolts from this item. He can stack passive on multiple enemies at a single auto-attack. On the other hand, his ultimate will pierce through more enemies during a team fight


A great item choice when you find yourself always bursted during team fights. As mentioned previously, Twitch is a champion that is really squishy, which is why the additional shield from the Bloodthirster will be a huge help in the late game. Not only that, but he will also hugely benefit from the additional attack damage and critical strike chance it provides. 

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel (GA) is a requirement when going into the late game. Twitch is attractive to enemy assassins because he does not have an escape ability in his kit, which is why he will hugely benefit from the passive of this item (revive), especially during the late game. 

Berserker’s Greaves

The only boots item choice for Twitch. It’s bonus attack speed is hard to pass on, which is why you should build this item on 100% of your games

That was the three best late-game ADCs in League of Legends. Remember that AD carries need items to deal damage, so make sure to farm your way into the late game, no matter who ADC champion you use. There are more hyper-carry champions in the bot lane, like Vayne and Kai’sa, but these are currently the best 3 Easy Late Game ADCs in League of Legends. 

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