How to Improve Mental League Of Legends


How to improve mental league of legends
How to improve mental league of legends

Today we will discuss on everything you need to know about How to improve mental league of legends, a Riot game.

Have you ever rage quit while playing league of legends?

Do you ever want to break your keyboard while playing league of legends?

If the answer to any of those two questions is yes then you need to read through because I may have some insights that may help you out.

My goal is to help you climb in League of Legends and win more games.

I have been playing League of Legends Summoners rift since season 7. During that time I have played all roles of the game with particular focus mid and top. I have been able to easily reach high gold elo since the beginning of playing the game and have peaked to Platinum in several seasons. I have played in NA, EUW and EUNE servers. My main account is in EUW.

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There are several reasons why this may happen to you and why I thought I’d write about it

  • I want to genuinely help you out and potentially save you unnecessary health issues (yes this is a real thing that can happen over time)
  • Prevent you from losing LP for no reason
  • Learn to enjoy the game for what it is and not have major expectations from it
  • Come to the realization that nothing of this matters at the end of the day, your life will not be affected by it

Without going into the details of each we are going to break down each of those but first lets begin.

Is League of Legends Stressful

Is League of Legends stressful
Is League of Legends stressful

Today we are I have now played League of Legends since season 7 and it’s been approximately 4-5yrs now so I believe I have a good amount of experience with the game. In the early seasons I invested a significant amount of my time playing and understanding the mechanics and generally improving my skillset so I did not really focus on the overall environment of the game and the community. One of the major reasons on how to improve mental in League Of Legends has to do with controlling your stress.

Also the game has changed drastically over the years and Riot has done a lot of small life improvements to control toxicity and other factors that may affect a players experience when playing. This does not mean all the things they changed have made a significant impact on how stressful the game is rather they are geared towards the community.

I believe League of Legends is stressful for various reasons outlined below.

It Is A Competitive Game

Competition is the key factor here whether you are playing a normal or ranked game. The fact that it’s you versus some other players and communication is important introduces the fact that you want to be better/outsmart someone else. This fact alone introduces some level of stress to succeed.


When you are playing potentially with friends or other people you meet online and you are part of the team your reputation is at stake. You obviously want to do well so your friends and group see you outperform or being the carry of your team. A costly mistake from your end could hurt your reputation, this alone introduces a level of stress when playing as a team of friends.

Emotional rollercoaster

When in game you are constantly dealing with different kinds of people like:

  • Ragers: People that generally like to rage if things don’t go their way
  • Quitters: People that easily give up and don’t really take the game seriously
  • Griefers: People that are on a losing streak and have a low self esteem when playing (tilted)
  • Trolls: There are some people that intentionally go in the game and like to troll others in order to cost them the game and also potentially tilt them

As you can see above this can be an emotional rollercoaster and throw off your guards at some point. No one is immune to dealing with people the only thing you can control at the end of the day is your emotions but it only takes one of those people to make you lose the game and offcourse cause you stress.


I will talk more about this in detail later on but ranking is the process of you gaining or losing points in a ladder with other players that defines how good you are at the game. Why this is stressful and introduces anxiety is a bigger topic which we will discuss.

The idea of climbing/ranking up is basically counter productive with you being a robot and not reacting to your surroundings. Everyone has and will get upset when they lose their ranking points (LP) due to one of the reasons mentioned earlier. Offcourse when something bad like this happens you eventually get stressed and don’t want to play the game. Hope this answers to you how to not tilt in League of Legends.

How To Get Rid of Ranked Anxiety

How To Get Rid of Ranked Anxiety
How To Get Rid of Ranked Anxiety

There’s really no such thing of completely getting rid of ranked anxiety. One thing you can do is relax yourself to the point you can and just cope with it. There’s always going to be a factor that’s going to upset you and you would have no control over. Lets see some examples below.

Getting Disconnected From the Game

This is one of the most obvious reasons that could cost you LP and sooner or later statistically is going to happen to you too. Since you have absolutely no control over your internet connection or a problem in Riot’s servers that’s a good example that you are basically out of luck and just need to deal with it.

It comes down to just accepting this fact and basically expecting that you will get affected by it. But one thing that will let you cope the best with this is that it will eventually happen to you in a positive way, meaning that the enemy is going to also have a person that disconnects and affect them, so in the bigger picture it really is a non-issue. So next time this happens think about that and move on to the next game.

If you have a bad internet connection or know your internet connection will be slow (lagging) in certain times of the day one thing you can do is avoid playing at that time as it will increase your odds of losing. Or you can also avoid playing ranked at that time and just stick to a normal game instead.

Other Team Members

As we discussed earlier another thing that’s out of your control is getting in a game with one of the categories of people I described earlier such as ragers, quitters, tilters, trolls etc.

In this instance you can think of it again statistically that if it happens to you once it will also happen eventually the other way as well to the enemy team meaning it will balance out. The trick to be unaffected is to accept League of Legends for what it is a community game that’s team reliant. This isn’t a single player game where you can go and coast around the map and have no one else affect you.

Furthermore another thing you can do that’s under your control is help the community overall improve by using the reporting mechanism that Riot has introduced into the game. This will allow you to basically improve things, similar to how people get immunization to control diseases in real life. The impact may not be direct for you in that specific game but if we all contribute to it, it will eventually help a bit. So help the community to help yourself be a better player.

League of Legends Bugs/Glitches

As you know all software and games have bugs and glitches. While those will most of the times not affect your gameplay to the extent that they will cost you a game sometimes they will. A good example that comes often is a frame per second (FPS) spike which could be caused by bad programming in the game or a spike in your system graphics card when it’s under load.

While you can control the high system load from your end by closing applications that will help you minimize those issues you can’t really control drops in your FPS which may make you lose an important team fight in the game that will eventually result into losing the game.

I for example have experienced a lot of times that Malzahar’s E ability will not work every now and and then and the only solution would be to restart League of Legends while I’m in the game. While this most of the times will not affect me a lot there are some occasions where I’m in the middle of a team fight where it does affect me and potentially has cost me a lot of games to date. At the beginning I used to get upset about it but sooner or later I came into terms with the fact that after all this is a game and every software has issues which no one can control. The only way you can do is report it to Riot using the bug button in the client screen and help them fix it. While this will not have a direct impact in your specific game it will help Riot overall to improve their game.

Overpowered Champions

I believe we have all exeprienced overpowered champions in League of Legends. If you are new to the game what this means is that every now and then Riot will make a mistake in their balancing team and make a previously weak or average champion too strong by tuning wrong their abilities or how the champion synergizes with new items.

Once you have an overpowered champion in the game this can be the cause of a lot of frustration for you dealing with them, this happens often when Riot publishes a new champion in the game they are generally overpowered. This is done by the company sometimes for a combination of two reasons:

  • Marketing: They really want you to play new champions
  • Lack of data: No matter how much testing they do they will not know how this champion synergizes or works in the game overall because they lack statistics. And as you know already Riot is a data driven decision company. They no longer take opinions of experts into their balancing they go by hard data.

As you can tell the only way to deal with this is to use Riot’s Ban feature when the game is being started. Riot gives you the option to ban 1 champion only. Unfortunately there may be multiple overpowered champions at the time but at least you can ban the one specific to your lane and the one that counters you. While this leaves you open to the rest at least it minimizes the stress of playing against someone overpowered.

Does League Of Legends Help Improve Your Brain

Does League Of Legends Help Improve Your Brain
Does League Of Legends Help Improve Your Brain

League of Legends is a game that’s reliant on your team members. However it involves a big portion of it on your individual play as well. While I can say it helps you make some fast decisions and be of critical thinking I do not believe it has a big impact on improving your brain.

If this is your goal there’s other much better games out there that help you improve your brain and memory such as Puzzles, Quizzes, Memory games etc. If you want to learn how to make some critical decisions and generally interact better in a group of people League of Legends can affect that part of your thinking, however this is not technically a brain improvement.

The easiest way to see this is that League is a game like every other that it’s in the Moba category group. Those games in general are geared towards fast decision making and a lot of understanding on how the game itself works. The last factor is experience and practice like everything else life the more you do it the better you become at it. So play the game and enjoy it for what it is and don’t worry about it helping your brain functioning see it more of an escape and a de-load phase in your day from your other day to day activities.

How To Avoid Tilting In League of Legends

How To Avoid Tilting In League of Legends
How To Avoid Tilting In League of Legends

Tilting is closely resembled with being stressed or anxious about the game. In earlier sections we described this in detail by examples and root causes of what could lead to tilting. While tilting is the end cause of frustration and anxiety. The way to deal with it is basically fix the root cause of the problem which is what we talked about earlier.

However this may not always happen and you may eventually get tilted anyway. The first thing to deal with it is become aware that you are tilted. While this seems fairly simple to detect if you do not have a framework in your mind the time it happens it may be difficult to do. this is the reason why gamblers keep losing their money until they are bankrupt.

So lets talk about building a framework around it and what you can do when you are tilted. Or more like what makes you detect that you are tilted.

You Are In A Loss Streak

You need to set a cap for yourself for when reaching a loss streak. For example lets say your threshold is 5 games in a row, if this happens then you need to start considering you are tilted or this may not be the day for you to game and stop.

You Are Grieving and Getting Called out

While you do not know if someone reports you in the game until it’s too late and at a much later time you know when people start calling you out in the game. If you find yourself split pushing on your own and not helping others because you are upset this may be your indication that some form of tilt is happening. This is your alarm to stop playing and take a rest.

Everything Upsets You

If every little thing in the game upsets you for example you are getting upset when losing a minion, or losing some experience because your jungler came into your lane or getting 1v1 early and not recovering this may be an indication that you are about or you are already tilted and need to stop.

How To Be Consistent in League of Legends

How To Be Consistent in League of Legends
How To Be Consistent in League of Legends

Consistency in the game key is for success. If you are serious about wanting to rank up and do good in League of Legends the most important part is being consistent. But lets define what is consistency in League of Legends as it may be a vague term that most people may lose in translation.

Avoid tilting

As discussed earlier tilting is one of the biggest reasons why people lose LP. If you use the framework we discussed earlier you can detect and avoid it and this will lead in your overall consistency of playing games unaffected.

Set a Time Cap

You need to set a time cap for yourself on how much you can play at a time. There’s been a lot of studies indicating that after a certain amount of hours your performance not only declines but you also get fatigued and more angry as a build up. Setting up a time cap to how long you play can help improve this. I for example have set a time cap of 2-3hours per occasion.

If you are a streamer and this is your job you can probably have a higher limit as you are experienced in the game and have more control over it but you should still not push yourself in the limits even if it’s your job and money source.

Limited Champion Pool

If you want to go up in ranked and be consistent you need to setup yourself a limited champion pool. What I mean by this is that you need to pick 2-3 champions at the most for every role of the game and master those very well. If you become better over time you can slightly expand this but sticking to a limited pool allows you to be more consistent in your performance as you will not be wasting time learning new abilities.

Limited Roles

Similar to the limited champion pool you can select 2 of your best roles in the game and only play those, at least in ranked. Playing different lanes requires advanced knowledge of the game and even the pro’s cannot just skip to another lane and be as consistent and good.

Even Riot wants you to pick 2 roles starting directly from their match-making experience. Obviously every now and then you will get auto-completed in a different role so try to keep a backup role to practice on your normals and know that this may happen. Statistically however this will be a very small portion of your games so you don’t have to worry too much about it.


If you found How to improve mental league of legends useful and you think it may have helped you please drop me a cheer below I would appreciate it. Hope this guide helps you understand how to not tilt.

My personal favorite mind trick to avoid tilting is to remind myself that at the end of the day it’s just a game and does not affect my life. If you are a professional like a streamer, pro player then this may be different but then it’s a job and not a game. While everything we discussed above still holds true some of it may be unavoidable and you will have to deal with it to some extent or change jobs.

If you have any questions, comments please post them below I check periodically and try to answer them in the priority they come in.
Also if you have any corrections please do let me know and I’ll update the article with new updates or mistakes I did.

Which is your favorite mind trick to avoid tilting?

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