How To Carry With Garen


How To Carry With Garen
How To Carry With Garen

Today we will go over How To Carry With Garen. I’m going to break this down on how he performs in mid and top lane and if he’s currently a meta champion in Season 12 and 13. Considering the changes announced I will give you my perspective on the tests I’ve done playing him in both lanes along with some support so stay tuned and enjoy!

How to Carry with Garen

There are a few things you should keep in mind when carrying Garen. First, he is a melee champion which means he will be up close and personal with the enemy team. Second, he is a tank which means he can take a lot of damage. Third, he has a no crowd control abilities which means he can easily get locked down and die.

1. If you see an opportunity you can be the one that engages first. He is also good at cleaning up after the fight has already started. He can easily pick off any stragglers or low-health targets thanks to his ultimate.

2. Use Garen’s Q ability, Decisive Strike, to gap close and get in range of enemies. This ability also gives him a short burst of speed which can be helpful for chasing down enemies.

3. Garen’s W ability, Courage, reduces all incoming damage. This is a great ability to use when engaging the enemy or when you are being focused in a team fight.

4. Garen’s E ability, Judgment, is a powerful AoE damage ability. Use this ability to clear minion waves or to damage multiple enemies in a team fight.

5. Garen’s ultimate ability, Demacian Justice, is a powerful single target damage ability. Use this ability to finish off low health enemies or to quickly take down a high priority target.

Is Garen A Good Carry

Garen is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends. He is a top laner who is known for his incredible strength and durability. When played correctly, Garen can easily take down enemies with his massive damage output. However, Garen is also a very versatile champion who can be played in multiple ways. One of the most popular ways to play Garen is to carry him as a solo laner. This means that Garen will be responsible for dealing the majority of the damage for his team.

While Garen is an incredibly strong champion, he does have some weaknesses. One of the biggest problems with Garen is his lack of burst when the target is not isolated (his E works if it’s against an isolated champion). Furthermore he can easily be kited by some ranged top champions such as Vayne etc. This can make it difficult for him to escape from enemies or chase them down. Additionally, Garen is very susceptible to crowd control effects such as stuns and slows. This can make it hard for him to get into position to deal his damage.

Despite these weaknesses, Garen is still a very powerful champion. When played correctly, he can easily take down enemies and carry his team to victory. If you are looking for a champion who can deal a lot of damage and take down enemies quickly, then Garen is the perfect choice.

Ways to Carry with Garen

There are many ways to carry with Garen. The most common way is to play him as a solo top laner. He can also be played in the jungle, but he is not as common there. When playing Garen in the top lane, you want to build him as a tanky damage dealer. This means building him with items that will increase his health and armor, while also giving him some damage to work with. Some good items to build on Garen include the Frozen Mallet, Randuin’s Omen, and Spirit Visage. These items will make Garen very difficult to kill, while also giving him the ability to deal a lot of damage.

Another way to play Garen is as a support. This is not as common, but it can be effective. When playing Garen as a support, you want to build him with items that will increase his health and armor. You also want to give him some items that will help him control the battlefield. Some good items to build on Garen when playing him as a support include the Locket of the Iron Solari, Aegis of the Legion, and Zeke’s Harbinger. These items will make Garen a very strong support who can easily control the battlefield.

Finally, you can also play Garen as an off-tank. This is not as common, but it can be effective. When playing Garen as an off-tank, you want to build him with items that will increase his health and armor. You also want to give him some items that will help him deal damage. Some good items to build on Garen when playing him as an off-tank include the Maw of Malmortius, Spirit Visage, and Randuin’s Omen. These items will make Garen a very strong off-tank who can easily deal a lot of damage.

Is Garen Mid Good

A lot of people have been playing Garen in the midlane something that started in Season 12 and I’m sure will carry on Season 13. I have to admit that when I tested it out I was a big fan of it. It works is all I have to say but it requires some discipline and patience. The trick is that since mid-lane is plagued with long range mages you need to look for an opportunity to engage on them. Some cases you would want to do this are the following:

  • If a mage overextends and gets too close on you immediately flash and combo them with Q/E/R and finish off using ignite
  • If they use all their abilities and you can get to them without risking a gank

I also want to give you some tips on what to do to be able to pull the Garen Mid lane properly:

  • Freeze your lane in front of your tower forcing them to mis-position and have a better engage
  • Get some health regeneration runes to heal up the damage you receive from their poke
  • Look for all-in opportunities if your jungle comes immediately start moving towards them even if the gank fails you need to take the opportunity
  • If you are against an assassin make sure you build armor or magic resist depending on what they are (AP or AD) and try to outscale them. Champions such as Zed and Katarina will have a very hard time killing you.
  • Rush boots you need to be on top of them as soon as possible

Is Garen Top Good

Surprisingly I’d say that Garen top in Season 12 and 13 is average to not very good. As you go in higher elo you will struggle with him. I think he’s still very viable in lower Elos Gold and below but because of his immobility and ranged AD carries playing top such as Vayne and Quinn, Garen has a hard time keeping up with them.

Furthermore a lot of champions simply hard counter him such as Teemo, Darius, Aatrox, Tryndemere, Urgot etc. Considering this high amount of bad matchups and the difficulty he has staying on top of enemies I do not consider Garen an S tier top laner at the moment. I also do not believe he will be good in Season 13 either because of the changes that have been announced by Riot.

Here’s a list of some of the weaknesses that Garen has in the top lane:

  • Bad mobility versus ranged champions
  • His burst damage is not as good as it used to be especially after the Season 12 change to add resistances to all champions
  • His playstyle is easily predictable and high elo players know your every next move so you need to really outplay them to win the duels
  • He gets countered by a lot of champions and on the other hand he does not counter a lot
  • His playstyle is a bit boring which may make you stop playing well after a certain time.


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