How To Split Push In League Of Legends


How To Split Push In League Of Legends
How To Split Push In League Of Legends

We will discuss on everything you need to know about How To Split Push In League Of Legends.

Did you know that split pushing can be an effective strategy to gain elo?

Today we are going to cover the following:

  • Why split pushing is very important to climb elo
  • How effective split pushing is in low elo
  • How effective split pushing is in high elo
  • Best League of Legends Champions For Split Pushing
  • Important Strategies to Follow For split pushing

One of the best ways to get an easy win in lol is to split push and take out objectives. Not only does this work but it can also forgive your bad play and negligence. It also doesn’t require you to be a mechanical god and win all the 1v1 fights. It doesn’t even require you to be good at team fights. Your best companion in this journey is the minions which means you are no longer team reliant. Even if you have an afk or rager using split pushing can win you the game, yes this means you can win in 4v5 situations provided the rest of your team is ok.

Never underestimate split pushing and make sure you close the deal as soon as possible. In this article we will go over a few tips on how to do this effectively without losing your team the game.

Why Split Pushing Helps You Climb

Why Split Pushing Helps You Climb
Why Split Pushing Helps You Climb

There are many reasons as to why split pushing helps you go up the ranks in league of legends. Below I’m going to try to compose a list of the most important factors that I believe have an impact on the outcome of the game.


  • You prioritize objectives by destroying towers which eventually wins you the game
  • You get more bounties as the games is in progress, those go up if you are behind
  • You get more levels and become stronger
  • You get more gold and income since you are killing minion waves freely and taking objectives
  • You reach closer to your goal which is getting inhibitors and eventually the nexus
  • Their team has to respond to your split push or you will end the game
  • You force the entire map to play around you (doesn’t work in higher elos more on this later)


As you can tell there’s also some disadvantages of split pushing lets go over some of them as to why you should be careful and don’t over and abuse it.

  • Your team will be at a disadvantage in team fighting
  • You will be sucking up resources from other team members
  • Your build may not be adequate for team fighting as you get items such as hull breaker
  • Your runes will not be optimal for team fighting as you itemize for split pushing and taking towers down easier
  • Your champion may be good at split pushing but bad for team fighting which makes your team weaker
  • If the enemy particularly in high elos knows what you are doing they can easily shut you down and prevent you all together
  • If your team is bad enough this happens a lot in lower elos they may be taking fights at a disadvantage like 4v5. Which means if they all die in late game the enemy might just end the game while you split pushing.
  • If you are the only AP or AD in your team you may be causing your team to miss out on your damage output and the enemies can itemize for full ap or ad defenses.

Hopefully the list above gives you some perspective and awareness on what to do with split pushing. Keep reading as we will break this down in more detail and help you do it successfully.

When Should You Split Push

This the multi million dollar question. When should you split push is very important to know and understand. The general rule of thumb is that if you commit to it before hand and you find the ideal conditions do it. But what are the ideal conditions you may ask. Lets go over some in the list below to help you understand. Some of those overlap with the strategies later in this article which will be more in-depth.

  • You are playing top lane
  • You are playing a split push optimized champion (more on this later I analyze 3 of them for you)
  • The enemy team is generally slow and do not have mobility
  • You have the strategies and know how to do this successfully without costing your team the loss
  • You have good map awareness particularly in late game

The reasons above is an abstraction of making those micro-decisions in game on when to split push and when not too. Since there’s so many variables involved and this changes drastically in high and lower elo I will analyze it in more detail below to give you some perspective.

How To Split Push In Low Elo

How To Split Push In Low Elo
How To Split Push In Low Elo

Split pushing in low elo in league of legends is probably one of the best strategies to help you climb elo. I say that with high confidence that in the old days when I used to play and I would be high gold elo the way I would get there when the elo reset happens at the season end from silver to plat is basically split pushing. I played a lot of champions at the time preliminary tryundamere which I will be going through later in the article.

So having said and done that I believe you can do it too. Generally speaking in Silver and Gold elo most players don’t have good understanding about macro and objectives. They also tend to disrespect your higher level and gold potential when you are split pushing and may sometimes try to stop you in a 1v1 way which is doomed to fail. Furthermore most split push champions are optimized specifically for the 1v1 battle and they can win if they are behind in levels and gold if you try to fight them.

I believe the above should be good reasons to understand why low elo is easy to pull off split pushing but it can also be a problem sometimes. More particularly in Silver and Gold elo players do not understand the concept of fighting at a disadvantage of numbers. So they will often fight in 4v5 without realizing in the heat of the game or thinking because they are ahead in kills they can pull it off. While this can and does happen sometimes it’s not always the case.

Because of the above if you ignore the pattern that your allies have been showing and they are trying to continue to fight at a disadvantage then it’s time to start grouping and help them out or you will lose the game. There’s one small exception that you are so far ahead and you have already taken an inhibitor that with the help of herald or baron you can break their base and end the game.

I have done this several times and literally have ended the game before the enemy team has. So my point here is that try to be aware of how your team is responding to the split push and immediately adapt your play style if needed to avoid losing the game.

How To Split Push In High Elo

How To Split Push In High Elo
How To Split Push In High Elo

Before I start breaking down how to split push in high elo I want to say that generally speaking I consider high elo anything above Platinum. Even at lower levels of diamond particularly Diamond 3 and 4 you may be able to get away with it. So this section is mainly for those in higher ranks.

The summery of things is that in higher elo it’s very hard to pull off split pushing. You generally need to be very knowledgeable about the game and you need to have communicated this properly to the rest of your team. Even in those cases the enemy team will quickly adapt to what you are doing and completely shut you down.

Since this is more about you responding fast and adapting to their play style it requires that you are fully aware when that happens. Otherwise your split push will be deemed unsafe and will affect your team in a negative way. More importantly the question then becomes whether or not it’s worth to even try it.

The answer is yes split pushing in high elos is definitely worth it and you should do it. The difference is that you need to be more adaptive and dynamic. This means you can start doing it and then stop for a short period. That will keep the enemies always confused and will make it hard for them to draft a proper response towards you. Obviously this affects your itemization and how you build your champion.

Since this is very important you shouldn’t explicitly have a build to split push you should rather focus on building your champion with hybrid items. More specifically have 1-2 split pushing items at the most and the rest should be geared towards team fighting.

Best Split Push Champions

Now that we have gone over the why, when and how I would like to go over a few champions that I have used in the past that are very good at split pushing. In particular if you notice all the champions in my list below have the following attributes in common which are very important to have in a split push champion in order to do this successfully.

  • The champion needs to have high mobility as an ability not as a summoner spell
  • The champion needs to be able to duel very well against other champions
  • He needs to have high damage output in the towers
  • He needs to be able to pull this independently of any team members, ie you are doing this alone
  • He needs to be

Now that we went over some points lets start analyzing some champions and see why they are good.

Tryndamere For Split Pushing

Tryndamere - Best Split Push Champions
Tryndamere – Best Split Push Champions

Tryndamere is one of my favorite and almost at the top of my list of champions for split pushing. He has some solid attributes that all help him pull this off:

  • His E ability lets tryndamere have very high mobility that goes through walls and moving fast around the map. If you couple this with some cool down reduction he becomes very hard to catch. This is very useful as you will need to often escape from your split push when the enemy team comes to kill you.
  • His ultimate which gives him immortality for a few seconds makes him a great duelist and tower diver. This is helpful because if the enemy sends someone to stop you you can dive kill them and continue split pushing. Since you are immortal for a few seconds tower diving becomes an easier task.
  • His damage output is pretty high so he can take out towers fairly fast, especially if combined with the right runes.
  • He can solo herald fairly easily solo and use that to his advantage to push towers.

As you can tell Tryndamere is a great choice for split pushing. I’d take it a step further and say that this champion was designed specifically for split pushing. This however comes with a disadvantage too more particularly is that if his split pushing fails then he will not be able to help out too much in team fighting. He’s very prone to getting cc and that stops him from getting his damage output.

Recommendation: Use him in lower elos but avoid in higher elos.

Jax For Split Pushing

Jax - Best Split Push Champions
Jax – Best Split Push Champions

Jax is my most played champion back in season 7 and 8. I used Jax because of his hybrid kit and I believe he has a lot of potential as a champion in general. One of his strongest points is that he has the ability to split push and switch over to team fighting. Lets go over in detail and see why Jax is a great choice for split pushing.

  • Jax w ability is great at taking towers. It has an insane amount of damage output and it’s on a low cooldown making it the ultimate ability for objective taking. Similarly he can use that ability to kill early herald solo along with even baron solo later in the game.
  • His e and ultimate ability give him an insane amount of cc and tanginess so if someone dares stop him under the tower he can easily engage and kill them without dying. I have pulled this off several times sometimes killing tanks with a lot of cc such as Ornn. Always remember your level advantage as the game moves on and you are split pushing.
  • His Q along with ward offers him a great escape tool in case of a chase from the enemy team. If you are sneaky enough you can pull of a teleport from a hidden spot and have the enemy team wondering where you went when you would have vanished like Hudini.

Recommendation: Play him in all elos he’s in my opinion the strongest pick in the game to split push.

Garen For Split Pushing

Garen - Best Split Push Champions
Garen – Best Split Push Champions

Garen is one of my favorite champions in the game as he offers simplicity along with versatility. I have to admit even though he’s simple enough to play if you are not good at understanding the game macros he may not be a great choice like the other two champions that we covered. Having said that Garen is still a very good champion to split push particularly in lower elos so lets cover it in detail.

  • Garen’s Q ability gives him a lot of movement speed along with tower damage output. This makes him a great tower breaking champion along with being able to use the ability to escape if they come to stop him.
  • His E+W+R ability makes him a very good duelist. If the enemy team tries to stop you can easily attempt to dive them and get out of it alive. Use your full combo but save your Q for the end to get out of tower range promptly and escape.
  • His ability kit also helps him take Herald solo and late in the game even baron. Using those two combined you can push further the towers and break them faster.
  • He builds off the rune tree that has demolish which is great for tower taking as it applies extra damage to it.

Honorable Mentions For Split Pushing

Honorable Mentions for Split Pushing
Honorable Mentions for Split Pushing

Since we covered the three champions I believe are great for split pushing I still want to go over some more champions that I believe are great at that task too. Below you will find a list and why I think briefly each of them is good at split pushing.

  • Fiora: Fiora has a great mobility in her kit with her Q ability that also has a low cooldown later in the game. That’s a great escape tool for her. Her e ability is also very good at damaging the tower faster than usual. Offcourse she’s also one of the best duelists of the game so very few champions can stop her.
  • Camille: Like Fiora Camille is one of the best duelists in the game and she has great mobility from her wall spidering ability. This lets her escape chases and successfully pull off the split pushing. Her only disadvantage is that she’s not that great at killing Herald and Baron solo.
  • Master Yi: This jungler is surprisingly good at split pushing too. Master Yi has a lot of mobility in his kit from the ultimate ability. He’s also an unstoppable beast in late 1v1 duels and can easily kill someone under tower when he right conditions are met. Furthermore he can easily solo baron and herald too and his auto attack speed combined with the cooldown reduction in his q lets him take little damage.
  • Yorick: Yorick unlike all the other champions we mentioned is good at split pushing for a different reason. He lacks mobility but he can stand his ground and fight. Also his ultimate ability along with the golems he spawns can take towers on his own even without him being present to be effective. He does great with killing Herald and Baron alone too (he used to be played as jungle before the nerfs).

Hopefully I gave you a good list of alternatives for you to pick from. Sorry if I missed some champion right now but please do drop me a line and I can definitely add them to the list. For example if Tristan and Ziggs weren’t so squshy I would have added them here.


If you found How To Split Push In League Of Legends useful and you think it may have helped you please drop me a cheer below I would appreciate it.

If you have any questions, comments please post them below I check periodically and try to answer them in the priority they come in.
Also if you have any corrections please do let me know and I’ll update the article with new updates or mistakes I did.

What’s your favorite champion to split push?

As mentioned earlier mine is jax. Jax has been a staple for me for many years now and has always had very good performance. He deals well with split pushing and the items for him are a perfect synergy to accomplish the task at hand. Even if you go wrong with the split pushing strategy you can always turn into a 5v1 team fighting beast and win the game.

If you want to avoid this from happening to you I have written some similar articles which you can find below.

If you would like to find more information on the champions I discussed above you can go here:

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