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While playing League of Legends you might have noticed that movement speed is one of the most important statistics in the game. Very often it’s the difference between a bottom tier champion and an overpowered one. In many ways every champion is 40 movement speed from being broken.

After playing against champions like Rammus and Hecarim you might think they are the fastest.

But is that really true? Let’s find out!

We’ll compare champions using their base movement speed at level 18 to make this a bit more reasonable.

Fast Champions

To start our list, I grouped together what I consider to be generally “fast champions” in the game.

Every champion in this list has a base movement speed of 350. Which is significantly more than the average 330 of most champions.

  • Udyr
  • Trundle
  • Shyvana
  • Jax
  • Kha’Zix
  • Olaf
  • Nasus
  • Illaoi

In most matches these guys will be the fastest champions in both teams. It’s not uncommon to see them zooming around teamfights and chasing their enemies as they hopelessly run away.

I ordered the list from what I consider the fastest to the slowest in this category, so that means Udyr is slightly faster in general when compared to Illaoi for example, but the difference is not that much.

Gnar, The Missing Link

One of the fastest champions in the game is none other than Gnar.

This cute yordle starts the game with an average movement speed of just 335, but don’t worry, leveling his ultimate GNAR! grants him many bonuses and one of them is increasing mini Gnar’s movement speed by up to 80% at level 16. Making him one of the fastest champions in the game.

His W, Hyper makes it so all his abilities and auto attacks add one stack to Hyper, when reaching the third stack Hyper deals bonus magic damage and gives Gnar a big 80% movement speed bonus.

With most of Gnar’s items and many of his skills causing slow or even stun. Gnar is undoubtedly one of the fastest champions in the game. The contrast between Mini and Mega Gnar is awesome to play with.

Just make sure to remember that changing from Mini to Mega will slow you down considerably so you need to time it right if you want to make the most out of this bonus.

Gnar is played exclusively at Top Lane, where he can run laps around most slow top laners and dominate the lane, we recommend this champion to anyone looking to add some complexity and fun to their top lane pool.

Elise, The Spider Queen

Elise at first might not look that fast, but just like Gnar she has an alternate form that grants her many bonuses including movement speed. With 6 legs it’s only natural that she is one of the fastest champions in the game.

Elise’s human form has below average speed, with just 330 movement speed, she isn’t that fast when not using her ult.

But that quickly changes as soon as she reaches level 6, with her ultimate Spider Form / Human Form she can change shape immediately and gain up to 25 flat movement speed.

Not only is Elise fast while in Spider Form she also gains access to an entire new set of abilities, making her similar to Gnar in many ways.

Unlike Gnar, Elise doesn’t get other bonuses to her movement speed but she also doesn’t need to stack her passive so it balances out.

Elise is a great champion for anyone looking to play Jungle. She brings AP damage and a great stun to any team.

Cassiopeia, The Serpent’s Embrace

Cassiopeia is an interesting champion; she is technically the fastest champion in the game with a whooping 400 base movement speed without boots at level 18.

Her passive Serpentine Grace gives her a flat movement speed bonus depending on her level, the bonus starts at 4 but goes as high as 72 at level 18.

But it’s not as simple as that, she can’t buy boots so she has to rely on her passive to increase her movement speed.

Besides her passive she can gain even more movement speed using her Q, Noxious Blast. This ability does damage and if it hits an enemy champion Cassiopeia gains a percentage bonus to her movement speed (from 30% to 50% movement speed bonus).

After the mid game, Cassiopeia becomes a serious threat to the enemy team. By doing consistent heavy AP damage to the enemy team and punishing those that dare engage her in close range she is one of the strongest battlemages in the game.

Cassiopeia is definitely the fastest mage in the game, her entire kit is designed in a way that rewards players for being patient and grinding it out in her early game when she is slow and vulnerable.

If you want to play Cassiopeia, then mid lane is still her best lane, but unlike many other champions on this list she can also do well in top lane.

Master Yi, The Wuju Bladesman

One of the oldest champions in the entire game, Master Yi is without a doubt the fastest champion in the game.

With a super-fast base movement speed of 355 he is just as fast as Elise and Gnar when in their alternate forms just like that!

But that’s not all, Master Yi’s Ultimate Highlander gives him a massive bonus to his movement speed, ghosts him and dispels any slows he might have.

This makes him the fastest champion in the game, no slows will stop him and because it ghosts him, he can just walk through an entire minion wave to get to you. The only way to stop him is with hard crowd control abilities like stuns and roots.

Speed is integral to Master Yi’s kit, most critical strike items in the game offer some bonus to movement speed as well which will only make him faster the longer the game goes on.

It’s not that rare to see a fed Master Yi annihilating the entire enemy team without stuns in the late game. Make sure to draft at least one stun if you want to stop this guy for sure.

If you’re looking to grab Master Yi, then look to play him in the jungle. This is always his best role. But we have also seen people have success with Yi in top lane and sometimes even mid lane.


While often overlooked, base movement speed is a big part of a champion’s identity.

We didn’t even cover every champion in the game that can reach insane speed with things like Singed’s passive or Hecarim’s E.

Imagine playing against Anivia or Tristana with 350 base movement speed instead of their actual 325. It’s basically the difference between a champion with brown boots or not!

Like any other important stat like health or attack damage, movement speed is extremely important, knowing these fast champions and how they get so fast can be the difference between a win and a loss.

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