Who is the Safest ADC

Who is the Safest ADC
Who is the Safest ADC


Are you new to playing ADCs? Whatever the reason it’s always good to examine which champions are good at what in every lane, in the case of ADCs a common complaint from players is that they feel like they die too easily.

To help players with this issue we compiled a pretty comprehensive list of the safest ADCs you can play today in season 13. Playing these champions doesn’t guarantee that you wont feed but it will help quite a bit!

Keep in mind that while some champions are significantly safer than others, support matchup is still very important so don’t just expect to pick one of these and never feed, always play safe when in doubt and you’ll get better in no time!

Before we start: What is “Safe”

Before we start listing what we think are the safest champions to play in bot lane in season 13, we wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page on what makes a champion safe.

For me what makes a champion safe or risky are these three things:


Some champions are safe just because of their increased mobility. Be it innate movement speed, dashes, or whatever else that increases their mobility. These champions have an advantage when moving around the map, a lot of these dashes can even skip terrain and enable impossible ganking angles, escape angles and so on.

Mobility itself doesn’t guarantee that a champion is safe if his playstyle is risky and he has low HP and Armor, but it’s one of the most important factors.

For example, most assassins have a lot of mobility but their risky playstyle makes them unsafe.

Playstyle and Role

Playstyle and role play a massive part in making a champion safe or not. Generally, Mages, ADCs and Enchanters have a “safe” playstyle, but are balanced around lacking mobility options and lower resistances.

Defense (HP, Armor, Magic Resist)

Defense is the most straightforward factor, a tanky champion can easily shrug off damage that other champions would straight up die from, not only that tankier champions generally have some ways to mitigate damage and this combined with massive HP pools and high resistances makes them very difficult to kill.

Tanks and Fighters generally have good resistances, but their playstyle makes them mostly average and in the case of tanks they will probably die most team fights anyways.

Safe ADCs

As you can see ADCs by design can’t really tick all of these boxes, otherwise the game wouldn’t be balanced if the strongest and most consistent damage dealer in the late game was also extremely difficult to kill.

In general, ADCs:

  • Average mobility
  • Safe playstyle (backline damage dealers)
  • Very low defense

Let’s take a look at what we think are the safest ADCs you can play in season 13!


Yes, Veigar is another super safe champion. While he is mostly played as a mid laner he has seen increased play in bottom lane lately.

With his previous buffs in 13.4 giving him increased range in both of his main damage abilities he’s in a great spot with a very strong win rate across the board.

Unlike most “safe” champions he doesn’t have good mobility, and he’s not a tanky champ. But his playstyle coupled with his very long range make him one of the safest champions in the game.

He also fits bot lane perfectly with his infinite scaling suiting a safe carry playstyle in bottom, most players can get very high stacks making them a serious threat in the late game.

He also has great area crowd control with his E that makes it really difficult to approach him. He’s currently the safest champion in the game at just 5 average deaths per game!


Yes, Seraphine may be played as a support most of time but she’s actually really good as a carry. Her long range and shield make her very safe to play.

Most of the things we said about Veigar apply to Seraphine in mostly the same way, they are both mages with long range spells, but seraphine has actually longer range and more mobility than Veigar.

She is super safe to play, with the average seraphine player dying just 5.1 times per game!


Jhin has always been one of the most popular champions in the game ever since he was released back in season 6. His well-designed playstyle and amazing presentation make him a candidate for Riot’s best ever champion.

One of the best things about Jhin is that he feels fair to play as and against, his mobility options are most of the time buying mobility boots and having plenty of movement speed.

His innate mobility granted by critical strikes makes him able to move around faster than almost every other ADC, coupled with his long range abilities he can easily start a fight from an entire screen away before even showing up in the mini map to his enemies.

This makes Jhin one of the safest champions in the game with an average of just 5.3 deaths per game!


Zeri has a very overloaded kit when compared to most ADCs, this has been a problem for some time for riot. They seem to struggle to properly think about what place these new overloaded champions are going to take.

Ever since her release, Zeri has been “busted” but nowadays she is mostly tolerable in solo queue. Even so she still enjoys a very strong 51% win rate in platinum+ even with all her continuous nerfs since her relase.

What makes her safe? Well, she’s got a great dash, her passive increases her movement speed when she hits someone shielded and her ult makes her literally stack movement speed with each Burst Fire.

Her stacking movement speed makes her a nightmare to fight, if she isn’t confronted and is allowed to stack her passive and ult, you’re done.

She is super safe and can easily disengage from a bad fight, the average Zeri player dies just 5.4 times per game!


Sivir is one of the oldest champions in the game, she was released back in the alpha of League of Legends back in 2009.

She has two things that make her safe to play, first her spell shield or E makes her one of the few ADCs that can completely ignore one ability if timed right.

Besides her shield, Sivir’s ultimate grants her massive movement speed, so in a way she has an in built ghost in her kit.

This means that you have two great tools to escape dangerous situations, but wait there’s more. Her amazing wave clear means that most of the time she will be the one doing the pushing and she can push waves extremely quickly and safely.

The average Sivir player dies only 5.6 times per game, which is not too bad!


While I did choose most champions on this list while looking at their death statistics, one champion stood out to me: Ezreal.

While his deaths per game are still lower than average (Ezreal players die about 5.8 times per game) Ezreal is an interesting champion, he basically trades safety for damage.

In an ideal Ezreal game, you are allowed to auto attack enemies using your passive to increase DPS by a lot, but sometimes the safer option is to just use  his abilities to poke, this creates an interesting choice when playing: Do I get closer to auto attack or just stay safely away?

Coupled with his blink Ezreal has the potential to be the safest ADC in the game, it’s quite easy to just CS in lane with his Q and saving his blink to escape ganks and such


We hope you enjoyed going through this list. We wanted to highlight what we tought were the safest champions in the game using statistics and gameplay analysis.

But at the end of the day a champion is just a tool and it depends on how you use it. While it may be normal to see your Yasuo ADC teammate chain feeding, that doesn’t have to mean that Yasuo is a terrible champion, he’s just risky!

Make sure to refine your playstyle, when you play ADC you need to balance your efforts in real time, doing as much damage as you think it’s safe, while making sure you farm enough to carry late.

Playing these champions will give you an edge over your opponents and prevent unnecessary deaths.



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