3 Easy ADC Champions That Can Snowball


3 Easy ADC Champions That Can Snowball
3 Easy ADC Champions That Can Snowball

Today we will cover 3 Easy ADC Champions That Can Snowball that will help you climb the ranks.

What makes the AD Carry position so impactful isn’t that they scale well and are the cornerstone for a team’s offensive threat. Instead, it’s actually because of how well any investments into them can grow and pay dividends in the long haul! 

A marksman in the early game is like a seed. On its own, it can’t be expected to survive and certainly not thrive in the way most other Champions can. That’s why Marksmen need Supports in the lane! The added benefit of being paired with a Support is that the team’s jungler will see assisting bot laners as helping two players instead of just one!

In a sense, ganking bot gets twice the reward for the same time spent! The gravitational pull towards bot lane is enhanced even further, with the most prominent early game advantages being positioned on that side as well, Dragons. These factors make it so impactful when the AD Carry starts snowballing because their advantage can quickly grow and snowball to the eventual victory!

All AD Carry Champions are designed to snowball. This guide will review the top three Champions that can snowball with what seems like only one kill! In no particular order, here are the top three snowballing AD Carry Champions right now.

How To Snowball With Ezreal

How To Snowball With Ezreal
How To Snowball With Ezreal

Contrary to popular belief, Ezreal is actually in a great spot. Despite him being a Champion in the game for over a decade, players still can’t seem to understand how to play him well. Part of what makes him a strong pick for snowballing games is his lack of need for a Mythic item rush.

Although Mythic items are powerful, Ezreal is one of the few Champions that can build several. As a result, Ezreal can start with his core item build of Essence Reaver and Manamune, and depending on the state of the game, his Mythic of choice. 

Ezreal’s Early Game

Ezreal’s early game is quite potent because of his Mystic Shot. At level one, Ezreal essentially has a second auto-attack that outranges most Champions he will encounter. Combo that with the low cooldown, and Ezreal can quickly look for a level two all-in once he can unlock his Arcane Shift! Remember that all of Ezreal’s abilities deal damage, so Ezreal sees significant power spikes from levels 1-3! 

The only thing that holds Ezreal back from having a more competitive win rate is the player’s ability to pilot the Champion. Especially in the laning phase, Ezreal can poke down enemies quickly with little counterplay aside from dodging!

Ezreal needs to keep that in mind and limit ability usage to times the enemy has little room to escape. Ideally, this will be following up on crowd-control, but in the lane, it’s most common when the enemy stops to last hit minions! Thus, positioning is the most valuable asset an Ezreal player can have if they want to find advantages and snowball them to victory consistently!

Ezreal’s Mid Game

Ezreal’s mid-game is where he can truly shine, especially when he does leave the laning phase with a lead! At this point, Ezreal should have his Essence Reaver, Manamune, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity complete and will be dealing significant damage with his Mystic Shot!

When significantly beating a squishy team, Ezreal can look to purchase Duskblade of Draktharr. When Ezreal is ahead in these conditions, there is not much the enemy can do as a single Mystic Shot will deal about half of the enemy’s health! 

Alternatively, suppose Ezreal is the team’s only source of magic damage. In that case, he can then choose to follow a path with a Liandry’s Anguish, or if he is at risk of being dove by assassins, Crown of the Shattered Queen! Finally, his most common build path proceeds with Trinity Force. Ezreal can reach the first two items rather quickly regardless of the situation. When he finally purchases his Mythic item, the right choice will make all the difference in continuing the snowball!

Ezreal's Mid Game Burst Is Undervalued
Ezreal’s Mid Game Burst Is Undervalued

Ezreal’s Late Game

Ezreal’s late game is honestly challenging to pull off. The late-game playstyle is incredibly reliant on the compositions of both teams. However, his low cooldowns and incredible builds can make the difference in the late-game states.

The late game on Ezreal requires a lot of patience to ensure using Arcane Shift does not result in his death. Additionally, Ezreal will need to throw Mystic Shots to hit the backline carries to win the fight. Overall, Ezreal shouldn’t rely on scaling to late game as several AD Carries scale just as well but have an easier way to win team fights. 

If you would like to learn more about Ezreal and his abilities you can check the official ability page here.

How To Snowball With Jinx

How To Snowball With Jinx
How To Snowball With Jinx

Jinx is probably the AD Carry that most players imagine when they think of a massive snowball carry! Jinx can swap between a more extended range, area-of-effect basic attack and an attack speed scaling, shorter ranged basic attack.

This option is handy for taking down tower plates in the early game, getting free trades in the lane, and gaining lane priority quickly. Jinx scales incredibly well into the mid and late-game via itemization. Still, she has decent self-peel, follow-up crowd control, and even a global ultimate that deals execution damage! In a team fight, her passive grants her tremendous bonus movement speed upon a takedown which can help her reposition or chase down the remaining enemies!

Jinx’s Early Game

Jinx’s early game starts with a satisfying level one where she can gain control over the wave with a few rocket launcher basic attacks on the wave. Jinx can shove faster than most AD Carries, using this area-of-effect damage, leaving her in a prime position to reach the level two power spike first. Of course, Jinx can even punish most AD Carries with a few basic attacks with the range advantage from the rocket launcher as well!

When Jinx’s Support has engage, they can often catch out an enemy when they reach level two with a chain of crowd control that will result in a kill or them burning a Summoner Spell. 

Regardless of the outcome, Jinx can pretty much win the laning phase from there. If the enemy is too low, Jinx can quickly shred through a plate with her minigun when the enemies recall. Or she can use her priority to push the wave in to force it to bounce back where she can hold a freeze. From there, the enemy will not contest without out-of-lane assistance, in which case, Jinx can potentially get a multi-kill if her jungler counter ganks! 

Jinx’s Mid Game

A massively undervalued piece of what makes Jinx a great snowballing AD Carry is her ability to shred through the Dragon and carry any fight around the objective. When securing the Dragon, Jinx becomes excited and will reposition or chase down low enemies to get several kills and gain a massive advantage! Even without all of these scenarios, Jinx will likely swap with a solo lane after the bot lane turret falls to get even more plates. If it’s past 14 minutes, she can destroy the turret in a wave or two!

Jinx Shreds Through Objectives in the Mid Game
Jinx Shreds Through Objectives in the Mid Game

Jinx’s Late Game

Jinx’s late game is incredibly lethal. At this stage in the game, she can stay out of range of most enemy threats and will have the damage to kill any target in a few seconds! Of course, if Jinx can stay alive long enough for the first kill, she has a perfect chance of getting many more!

If you would like to learn more about Jinx and her abilities you can check the official ability page here.

How To Snowball With Aphelios

How To Snowball With Aphelios
How To Snowball With Aphelios

Aphelios is another underrated AD Carry because of the relative difficulty of his kit. Of course, he only has three abilities, with one just switching between weapons. Still, because his skills and basic attacks are so different depending on the gun he’s using, there is a lot to consider! However, Aphelios’ other guns are why he can snowball so well! Once the player understands combinations of his guns, Aphelios is the king of versatility and damage!

Aphelios Early Game

Aphelios starts every game with the green and red guns. Ideally, Aphelios will finish his red gun’s ammo first, then continue with the rotation after these guns are purple, blue, and white. As a result, Aphelios should look to call for the Jungler to come once he has moved onto his purple gun. He will have initiation or follow-up crowd control that will likely lead to a kill or Summoner Spell burnt.

Suppose Aphelios can use his weapons and abilities while maintaining order. In that case, he can line up the guns held with the most valuable time. For example, Aphelios can prepare his red and white guns for the first Dragon as these are his best options for a team fight! Otherwise, Aphelios can also save these for pushing down the tower. His white gun will significantly increase his attack speed. 

Aphelios Mid Game

The mid-game as Aphelios is critical to snowballing any advantage he achieved in the lane. Gun management must be aligned with his team’s objectives in the mid-game for him to be of most value. If they are not, it’s not the end of the world, though, as long as Aphelios knows how to play the situation out with the guns available.

Remember, the green gun is for range, red is for life steal, purple is for crowd control, blue is for area-of-effect damage, and white is for higher DPS! These options are valuable, but some are more beneficial at times than others. When Aphelios can adequately manage the guns and ammo to find the best choice in each situation, he can snowball incredibly well! The added benefit of playing Aphelios is that people don’t know what he does. Aphelios can undoubtedly catch people off-guard with his tremendous damage and versatility! 

Aphelios Switching Between Guns At Expiration Can Create Tremendous Damage
Aphelios Switching Between Guns At Expiration Can Create Tremendous Damage

Aphelios Late Game

Aphelios’ late game is insanely strong! Even if Aphelios doesn’t manage to snowball to win before a late game, there’s still a good chance he can! Aphelios scales well with attack damage and builds critical strike chance that can quickly kill any carry in a few auto attacks! The added benefit with Aphelios is that he could even do that from long range with his green gun and ultimate!

Overall, as long as players understand the unique playstyle to Aphelios and can ensure they position accordingly, there is a tremendous snowballing threat with Aphelios! He has incredible bursts and damage over time that can make him come in clutch at any time!

If you would like to learn more about Aphelios and his abilities you can check the official ability page here.


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Several other AD Carries deserve to be on this list. Still, given the game’s current state, these three consistently take small advantages from the laning phase and snowball them into victories!

Regardless, they all require a firm understanding of the playstyle needed in the laning phase to gain that advantage in the first place. Any player looking to pick up these Champions should invest the time to understand how to play out the early game in several matchups before trying it out in ranked!

Which is your favorite snowball ADC champion?

My personal favorite is Ezreal because he can do well on any lane given and he’s a very adaptable ADC. The only disadvantage is his late game but if you play him well you can have a major impact in the map and you won’t have to reach late game.

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