Why Are Tanks So Strong Lol


Why Are Tanks So Strong Lol

Tanks in League of Legends showcase significant strength due to their high health points and sturdy armor, enabling them to endure intense battles and protect the team, which makes their role crucial in the game.

Factor Description
High Base Stats Tanks in League of Legends are known for having higher base stats, including health, armor, and magic resistance, which make them incredibly resilient against opposing players.
Control Abilities Tanks often have crowd control abilities that can disable, immobilize or slow down enemies, making it easier for their teammates to secure kills.
Durability With a hefty pool of HP and the capacity to absorb a considerable amount of damage, tanks can stay in fights for longer periods, dealing consistent damage while remaining a dominant presence on the battlefield.
Effective Iemization Options The available item options for tanks further bolster their durability and power. This includes items that provide additional defensive stats, cooldown reduction for more frequent ability usage, or bonuses that spice up their offense.

Looking at our table, we can see several factors that contribute to the strength of tanks in League of Legends.

Starting with High Base Stats, this aspect forms the crux of what makes tanks formidable in the game. With naturally high health, armor, and magic resistance values at their disposal, tank champions possess the sheer resilience to withstand the flurry of attacks from opposing champions. The skirmishing prowess that these innate attributes bring about is further affirmed by renowned professional player Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon’s quote: “The battles won’t be won by those with the biggest guns but those who can take more hits.”

Next, we explore the Control Abilities. Crowd control plays an integral part in many engagements in League of Legends. From stunning, slowing to even knocking back adversaries, these utilities at a tank’s disposal allow them to regulate the enemy’s actions, thereby setting the stage for their counterparts to dish out damage safely and effectively.

Without a doubt, a key contribution to a tank’s power comes from their Durability. A large health pool, along with abilities to block or mitigate incoming damage, are vital when it comes to soaking up attacks that would otherwise spell doom for less sturdy champions.

Finally, Effective Itemization Options colorfully complement the inherent strengths of tanks. Defensive items boost their endurance thresholds, while some introduce crucial offensive elements into their toolkit. Additionally, cooldown reduction from these items allows more regular use of their impactful abilities. Pro player Kim “Khan” Dong-ha once stated, “It’s not just about how you play; your item choices shape the course of the battle.”

These contributing elements work in concert to reinforce the role of tanks in League of Legends, making them a commanding force to keep your eye on during every match.

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Tanks in the League of Legends (LOL) universe possess an uncanny strength which is primarily ascribed to their impressive defensive mechanics. One could ask, “Why are Tanks so strong in LOL?”, and the answer lies encoded within the fabric of their survivability, crowd control capabilities, and high base damages. It’s crucial to understand these characteristics to play against a Tank effectively or optimize performance while playing as one.

Key Aspects of Tanks
Crowd Control Capabilities
High Base Damages



The most blatant attribute for Tanks in LOL is their capacity to endure, owing to a larger pool of health points (HP), armor, and magic resist stats compared to other classes. While they might not deal immense damage, they function as formidable barriers on the battlefield. Importantly, many tanks are endowed with skills that enhance their ability to heal, shield, or absorb incoming damage. For instance, Malphite’s Passive ability grants a shield equal to 10% of his maximum HP.

Crowd Control Capabilities

An important layer to the defensive mechanics of Tanks in LOL is their crowd control abilities. Tanks often have access to a variety of stuns, slows, pulls, and knock-ups. This high CC potential allows them to disrupt enemy teams and protect their own backline. Take Alistar’s “Pulverize” skill as an example- it can knock up enemies around him, making it harder for them to attack or escape.

High Base Damage

Although tanks primarily serve as a team’s protective line, do not underestimate their damage potential. They significantly house high base damages on their abilities. This, when combined with the afore-mentioned crowd control effects, gains them the ability to single-handedly challenge enemies. Sejuani, a well-known tank, has a basic attack that applies Frost. Enemies become “Frozen” after four stacks, enabling her to deal bonus magic damage.

“Tanks are like the unsung heroes of a match, taking hits instead of dealing massive damage,” Cloud9’s top laner, Licorice says. “But that doesn’t mean they aren’t crucial to the team.”

Understanding these defensive mechanics adds a new spectrum when pondering over ‘Why are Tanks so strong in LOL?’. Mastering these strategies will pave the path towards enhancing your gameplay, thus making it more worthwhile and exciting!

Understanding the impact of champion attributes on tank’s strengths and comprehending why tanks are perceived as nearly invincible in League of Legends, requires an analysis of their core attributes, abilities, and the roles they play within a game.

In the realm of Summoner’s Rift, tanks are the formidable forces equipped with high HP (hit points), defence stats, crowd control abilities, and often, the capacity to sustain enormous damage. But what makes them so strong?

Robust Base Stats

Almost all tank champions in League of Legends have substantial base HP, armor, and magic resistance. These basic stats make them naturally more resilient against both physical (AD) and magical (AP) damage, enabling them to soak up hits that would obliterate other champions. As aptly put by professional player, Bwipo, “Tanks are designed to be durable, and their base stats reflect this fact.

Defence Scaling and Damage Mitigation Abilities

Beyond their base stats, many tanks possess abilities that scale with defensive stats granting them further survivability. For example, Malphite’s passive ‘Granite Shield’ grants a shield equivalent to 10% of his maximum health while Leona’s ‘Eclipse’ boosts her armor and magic resistance for a few seconds. Additionally, these abilities frequently involve damage mitigation factors, whether it is a flat damage reduction (like Alistar’s Ultimate ability ‘Unbreakable Will’), or increasing defenses (such as Sejuani’s Passive ‘Fury of the North’).

Heavy Crowd Control

Tanks are not just about soaking damage; they also excel at disrupting enemies. Many tanks are equipped with several crowd control (CC) abilities, from stuns to slows to knock-ups, making them excellent initiators and peeling tools for their team. As Hai, ex-C9 mid-laner, commented, “tank champions often control the pace and direction of fights with their CC, playing a crucial role beyond being a meat shield.

Dedicated Itemization

Moreover, the itemization in the game contributes to their strength significantly. Protective items such as Thornmail, Spirit Visage, or Warmog’s Armor serve to intensify tankiness, granting extra health, armor, or even self-healing capabilities.

The Role They Play

A final point to consider is the role tanks occupy in the game structure. In most traditional team compositions, the tank functions as the frontline, defending their carries from harm and drawing enemy attention away. This strategic positioning combined with their commanding attributes and targeted itemization crafted to enhance their durability puts them in a unique position of strength.

Overall, it’s not one single attribute but rather a well-orchestrated amalgamation of their base stats, scaling abilities, crowd control skills, specialized itemization, and role-play strategies – all culminating into what we perceive as ‘tanks’ being considerably robust. This explains why tanks appear so sturdy and prominent in League of Legends, providing valuable insight into the game’s balance and dynamics.

When it comes to “Why Are Tanks So Strong in LOL?”, the answer comes down to their strategic utilization, specifically their ability to absorb damage and disrupt gameplay. This makes them crucial for gaining victory in League of Legends (LOL).

Tanks are an indispensable part of any successful lineup in League of Legends. Essentially, tanks are champions designed with high sustainability and crowd-control abilities. Below are the main reasons why tanks hold such substantial power:

Unmatched Sustainability


Tanks are known for their impressive ability to survive against a heavy influx of damage. Equipped with high HP, armor, and magic resistance, Tanks can endure extended periods of combat, unlike squishy assassins or ADCs. Their unmatched sustainability is the reason they can form the frontline during battles, keeping the enemy at bay while allowing damage-dealing teammates to secure kills. As quoted by professional player Bora “Yellowstar” Kim, “Surviving means staying alive longer than your opponent, and tanks master this principle.”

Tank Champion Key Defensive Stat
Malphite High Armor
Rammus Equally High Armor and Magic Resistance
Maokai High HP and Healing Abilities
Alistar Diverse Crowd Control Capabilities

Powerful Crowd Control

Tanks also showcase game-changing crowd control (CC) skills. These abilities can stun, slow or move enemies from their location. It gives more room for skilled marksmen or assassins to deliver focused attacks without the risk of immediate retaliation. Hong “MadLife” Min-gi once said, “Control the battlefield, control the game; that’s what tanks do best.”

Objective Control

Tanks can handle more damage from Baron Nashor or the Dragon, making them ideal for securing these crucial objectives. With enough sustainability, a tank can draw the monster’s attention away from their squishier teammates who deal the majority of the damage.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that building a team around a well-played tank can be one of the most effective strategies, aiding enormously in assessing risks during confrontations, tower diving, and late-game team fights. By understanding why tanks are so strong in League of Legends, you’ll recognize why their strategic use often equates to a stronger team effort and potentially achieving ultimate victory.

The Role and Importance of Build Sequence for Tanks

Within the details of League of Legends, a fine-grained strategic approach to each character and game phase is pivotal. For tanks, one of these crucial areas revolves around understanding the importance of build sequences. These define your trajectory throughout the game by determining which items you acquire and when. It is an essential part of making a tank powerful and efficient.

What Makes Tanks Strong in League of Legends?

League of Legends, often abbreviated as LoL, can be a game of brute force, speedy movements or strategic maneuvers, all depending on the champion you play. Tanks are unique due to their ability to absorb massive amounts of damage while disrupting enemy lines — being the front-line warriors of the battlefield.

  • Durability: Tanks inherently have a large health pool and robust defensive stats, allowing them to withstand tremendous punishment that would obliterate less resilient champions.
  • Disruptiveness: Beyond mere brawn, tanks come with CC (crowd control) abilities – like stuns or slows – that disrupt the enemy team’s formations or strategies.
  • Engagement Ability: Most tanks have gap-closer abilities or initiations skills facilitating engagements and setting up advantageous fights for their team.

The Influence of Build Sequence for Tanks


The build sequence for tank champs further amplifies these inherent strengths. Crafting the right item path for your champion is tantamount to success and involves prioritizing specific items to accentuate the hero’s natural capabilities.

  • Tailoring to Team Compositions: The build sequence allows adaptation to the specific threats of the enemy team. For example, if facing heavy AP (Ability Power) threat, then building items offering magic resistance early becomes vital.
  • Strategic Adaptation: A correct build sequence permits adaptability according to the game’s progress or your team’s needs. Sometimes, an early purchase of armor or health items could facilitate better lane sustain or aggression depending on the situation.
  • Enhancing Champion Abilities: Some items synergize incredibly well with certain tank abilities, enhancing their effectiveness. Getting these items at proper sequence elevates your power peak dramatically.

In essence, the splendid strength of tanks in LoL owes much to the smart and tactical usage of builds sequences. As proclaimed by professional player Sejuani One Trick, “Build flexibility matters more than people realize. Understanding how and when to alter your build order can turn a losing matchup into a winning one.”

So, let’s dive directly into the topic at hand. Champion Versatility is a critical factor in League of Legends, especially when it comes to tanks. Versatility refers to the ability to adapt and perform in different roles and situations within the game. The more versatile a champion, the more scenarios they can deal with competently, which significantly contributes to their overall strength.

Tanks, in particular, benefit from versatility for several reasons. These champions typically excel in durability and crowd control abilities, making them tremendous front-line warriors in team fights. The most versatile tanks can efficiently fulfill multiple roles, including initiator, peeler, or even damage dealer, thanks to their diverse skill sets.

  • Role Adaptability: Tanks, as highly versatile characters, can adjust their playstyle based on how the match progresses. They can soak up damage as frontline bruisers, peel to protect vulnerable teammates, or initiate fights with crowd control abilities. They aren’t locked into just one role, and this flexibility lets them respond dynamically to gameplay developments, a key aspect of tank dominance in LoL.
  • Build Flexibility: Due to their inherent tankiness and functionality, these champions can effectively use a broad range of item builds. This allows the player to customize their tank to counter specific opponents or strategies—further illustrating the tanks’ adaptability and strength in LoL.
  • Diverse Skillset: Skills that offer crowd control and extensive durability are commonplace amongst tank champions. With their varied tool set, they possess tools for both attack and defense, allowing them to dominate games even under unfavorable circumstances.
  • Game Map Utilization: Lastly, due to their innate resilience, tanks can better tolerate high-risk areas, deep wards, and strategic points across the game map. They are thus able to contribute more substantially to game-changing objectives like Baron Nashor, Elder Dragon, or turrets.

To quote professional LoL player Zach Scuderi also known as Sneaky: “A good tank knows how to take a bullet for the team, but a great tank knows when to fire back.”

This statement perfectly encapsulates the importance of versatility among tank champions in League of Legends. A tank’s strength lies not only in their ability to soak up damage but also in adapting their role to the needs of the team and the match at large. By adjusting their function, build, and map usage according to ever-evolving game conditions, the most versatile tanks become near-irresistible forces on the battlefield, underscoring the reason for their pronounced strength in LoL.

By tweaking your Champion’s properties and fine-tuning their strategic use according to the battle flow, a tank can indeed dominate a LoL match, truly proving ‘Might is Right’!

In a nutshell, the strength of Tanks in League of Legends emanates from their impressive durability, crowd control capabilities and ability to absorb damage for their team. It’s imperative not to underrate these forceful champions in the battlefield.

Tank champions are a force to be reckoned with; their strength isn’t all about offensive power but they can significantly vex the enemy’s game plan. – Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng

Main features Description
Durability Tanks boast high health pools complemented by defensive stats coming from their armor and magic resist items that allow them to endure through immense amounts of enemy damage.
Crowd Control This element ensures tanks can adequately contribute to team fights as they possess abilities to either engage or peel enemies thus protecting others while setting up favorable engagements.
Damage Absorption More than just soaking up damage, tanks often have abilities that further enhance this role, coloring them essential in team compositions for their space-creation and safety offering nature.

Furthermore, granting tanks decent damage forces tireless decision-making on enemy teams concerning target priority. They cannot merely ignore tanks since that would let these defenders freely disrupt backlines and create disparities. On the other hand, focusing tanks could award carries unfettered domination over the battlefield – a typical ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation.

This isn’t to imply tank characters are unbeatable; they necessitate measured strategic play such as coordinating with the team for focus fire, exploiting their generally weaker early-game stages, and counter-picking with champions who can shred through defenses. Therefore, while potent, tanks execute particular roles and fit into certain types of overall team strategies.

The key is not to mindlessly fight against tanks, but to adopt strategic alterations, itemization adjustments, and active counterplay measures. – Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson

For more guidelines on how to tackle Tank Champions, feel free to visit Riot Games ‘Staying ahead of the Meta’ guide – it presents noticeable insights about advanced gameplay nuances [here](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/).

The overarching attribute making tanks strong, then, is not solely their resilience or control abilities; it’s that their presence fosters multiple layers of decision-making on both sides of the contest. And amidst all the chaos, the demolition and deadly dance of war, the team that thinks faster, plans better, and makes less mistakes, inevitably triumphs. So keep learning, keep practicing, and turn every challenge thrown your way into tomorrow’s victory.


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