Is Kda More Important Than Farming

Is Kda More Important Than Farming


Analyzing the strategic elements of popular online gaming, one may wonder whether Kill-Death-Assist ratios hold more significant weight compared to in-game farming; however, it is the harmonious blend of both that ultimately leads to effective gameplay and overall victory.

Let’s break it down with a comparison table to bring forth the importance of both KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists) and Farming in League of Legends:

KDA Farming
Purpose Increases gold gained and impacts morale of both teams. Promotes consistent and reliable source of income (gold), independent of other game factors.
Risk Factor High risk if not managed carefully, potential to fall behind in levels and gold if deaths are high. Low-to-Medium risk. Enemy laners or junglers can capitalize on poor farming habits.
Role Variance Important for all roles but exceptionally crucial for ADCs and mid-laners. Crucial for all roles, but primary focus for ADCs and top-laners.

Analyzing this table, we can see that both KDA and Farming serve vital roles in League of Legends; however, their importance changes with respect to many elements such as player role, match progression, and team composition. Neither can be objectively ranked over the other as they equally contribute to overall gameplay.

KDA or Farming Which is Better

KDA is fundamentally related to engaging with opposing champions – getting kills, avoiding deaths while backing up in assisting team plays. High KDA signifies an impactful presence in team fights and aggressive lane dominance. As put by Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson, a professional player in his interview: “A good KDA ratio can mentally pressure your opponents into making mistakes”. An unbalanced KDA, especially higher deaths can feed the enemy, increasing their advantage.

On the other hand, Farming indicates methodical killing of minions to garner a steady flow of gold. It is more about how efficiently a player can manage the minion waves to maximize XP and gold. Paul “sOAZ” Boyer was quoted “Farming well allows you to gain a substantial lead over your opponent, even without kills”. This steady yield presents an opportunity to get stronger by buying better items, thus impacting sustainability and damage.


In essence, a high KDA may reflect your ability to heavily impact events and garner significant advantages when capitalized properly. Contrastingly, effective farming gives a steady growth pattern throughout the game. Balancing both aspects is what leads one to be successful in playing League of Legends.

When you dive into the metrics that dictate success in the game of League of Legends, two primary factors often come up: KDA (kill/death/assist ratio) and farming. It’s common for players to ponder over which one, KDA or farming, holds a larger influence on their overall game performance.

KDA stands as an essential performance metric in the world of League of Legends. It’s a clear indicator of your ability to engage in fights, secure key kills, protect yourself from deaths, and lend your teammates a hand in getting their kill count rolling. Essentially, KDA acts as a shining badge representing your offensive and defensive capabilities.

However, does this imply that KDA is more important than farming? The answer isn’t a straightforward “yes” or “no”. Here’s why:

The Value of Farming Cannot Be Overlooked


“Farming” refers to the practice of killing minions to gain gold, which is then used to buy items offering power-ups to your champion. This means your minion kill count (or CS – creep score) can significantly impact your in-game strength and survival odds. Professional player Uzi once said, “The key to victory is to farm up and take objectives.”


KDA Farming
Importance Affirms your offensive and defensive skills. Crucial for gathering enough gold to increase your in-game strength.
Does high score guarantee victory? No, other game aspects matter too. No, large amounts of gold can be wasted if poorly managed.

Factors that Can Influence the Priority Between KDA and Farming

Your role in the team roster can affect whether your success weighs more on KDA or farming. As a damage dealer, having a good KDA may demand higher priority given the direct influence on your team’s fight potential. On the other hand, if you were assigned a more support-oriented role, securing gold through efficient farming might lead to better team buffs and enhancements

Balancing Both Is Key

League of Legends is a complex game, and focusing solely on one metric such as KDA won’t necessarily translate into wins. While a good KDA score can show your dominance during gameplay, a noteworthy CS also points toward your understanding of the game resources and excellent macro-management skills. The best approach could be maintaining a reasonable balance between these two critical components of the game, improving both cumulatively and adapting tactics based on situational needs of each match.

Legendary player Faker sums it up well saying, “Always strive for improvement and never get complacent in your skill level.” Hence, let’s comprehend the value of both KDA and farming while remembering that balance and adaptation are indeed the keys to win in League of Legends.

KDA and Farming in League Of Legends

Farming and Kill/Death/Assist (KDA) ratio in League of Legends are two pivotal variables that have a profound influence on the ultimate game outcome. By exploring these factors, champion performance can be optimized, accentuating improvements in both individual performance divisions and overall game results.

KDA: The Tripartite Key to Success

The KDA is a metric system that evaluates a player’s contribution to their team’s accomplishment by aligning kills, deaths, and assists in one ratio. Kills point out the number of enemies eliminated, deaths calculate the times your champion was defeated, and assists quantify the support given to another champion for exterminating an opponent.

“Focus on objectives not kills. If you get kills but no objectives, you don’t win.” – Snoopeh [1]

The Indispensability of Farming

Farming involves acquiring Gold through killing minions, monsters, and enemy champions. This process in League Of Legends is significant as it offers a continuous economic supplement throughout the game, enabling champions to purchase potent items that eventually lead to victorious results.

Metric Benefit
KDA Highlights personal skill, decision-making ability, and collaboration effectiveness with the team.
Farming Enhancing champion’s gold income leading to better item choice & increased champion power level.

Balancing KDA and Farming: The Winning Elixir

A high KDA ratio devoid of substantial farming or vice-versa will only deliver partially successful outcomes due to an imbalance in skills utilized throughout the gameplay. Having a respectable KDA with proficient farming leads to balanced growth in champion strength accomplished through improved strategic decision-making and greater gold resources for item acquisition. It results in nuanced usage of fighting and farming phases, generating organic growth in champion power and subsequently heightened chances of achieving victory. Proficient balancing between the two facets should be the aim of every LoL player.

“It’s not just about getting items; it’s about knowing when to fight. Once you learn that, you’ll naturally get more CS, and waste less time wondering what to do next.” – Doublelift[2]

[1] Snoopeh on Focus on Objectives

[2] Doublelift Red Bull Interview

When we talk about playing League of Legends at its highest level, two crucial performance metrics come to mind: KDA (Kill-Death-Assist Ratio) and Farming (CS or Creep Score). Both hold immense significance when it comes to analyzing player performance and making strategic decisions. But is one more important than the other? Let’s dive in for a detailed comparison.

KDA: Kill-Death-Assist Ratio

KDA ratio looks at your kills, deaths, and assists across games. In general, having a higher KDA means you’re doing well in eliminating enemy players while also supporting your team:

  • Kills: Knocking out opposing champions denies them time on the map and opportunities to farm, thus setting back their progress.
  • Deaths: Fewer deaths mean less penalty, less lost time, and lower advantages handed over to the enemy team.
  • Assists: Participating in taking down enemies is just as critical even if you’re not delivering the final blow.

In the words of Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, famous TSM mid laner, “Your KDA is your responsibility. It tells about your decision-making, positioning, and skill shots.”

Yet, focusing solely on KDA can overshadow other crucial aspects of gameplay, such as Farming.

Farming: Creep Score (CS)

Farming pertains to killing minions for gold, essentially the financial backbone of any LoL game. Here are reasons why CS should not be overlooked:

  • Gold Acquisition: The principal way to gain gold is by killing enemy minions, providing funds to purchase items.
  • Xp Gains: Farming also bestows experience points, helping you to level up your champion’s abilities.
  • Map Control: Successful farming involves lane control, which indirectly provides vision, safety, and setting up objectives.

To quote Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, renowned Fnatic bot laner, “CS isn’t just numbers. It’s about controlling the match, securing resources, and dominating your opponents.”

So, where do we stand on KDA versus Farming?

Often, amateur players might prioritize KDA as exciting champion fights give an adrenaline rush. However, as you climb the ranks, the importance of consistent farming becomes clearer. Ultimately, both KDA and Farming significantly contribute to victory. A robust KDA showcases strong combat skills, while successful farming reflects effective resource management.

But as for which is more important, rather than viewing it as an ‘either-or’ question, consider that they’re two vital halves of the same whole. A high KDA coupled with a low Farm score won’t sustain the advantage, and vice versa. So, strike a balance between both aspects. Remember, League of Legends is a strategy-based game after all.

What Is The Consensus Among Players

Pentakill Kayle

Over the years, I have observed a number of debates within the League of Legends community. One that has been constantly rehashed is on the significance of KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists) versus Farming (Kill Minions). As someone who gives equal weightage to both, I’ll provide an extensive breakdown analytically demonstrating how farming and KDA should be strategically balanced for maximum game impact. I will also answer if KDA holds more importance when compared to farming.

Firstly, I am certain many of you ponder the question, ‘Which is more important in LoL: KDA or Farming?‘ Both metrics play significant roles within the game, but their relevance varies based on the situation. The importance of maintaining a good KDA can’t be downplayed, but it’s not always a testament to success.

Your KDA demonstrates how well you’re performing in fights—whether they are team battles or solo showdowns—it encapsulates your contribution towards combat scenarios. A good KDA can strike fear into your enemies and lead them to play more defensively. It aids with map control and provides opportunities for objectives like Dragon, Baron, or pushing lanes. Optimal execution of these tactics ensures victory more often than not. In this context, KDA holds substantial weight on influencing any given match.

As Faker, the famed professional League of Legends player once said, “Sometimes the KDA does not reflect the true performance.”

Pros Cons
Deters enemies due to your high kill stats A single wrong move can feed the enemy
Puts pressure on other lanes, causing them to play defensively Overconfidence might lead to taking unnecessary risks
Helps gain objectives quicker Focusing solely on KDA might distract you from other key aspects

On the flip side, if we consider farming as another key aspect of the game, it is understandable why many believe it to be equally, if not more, critical compared to KDA. Farming allows one to reap benefits that revolve around gold acquisition and experience points leading directly to champion growth. Farming consistently enables purchase of upgraded items faster, thus, better preparing you for upcoming confrontations.

Stable Income Vs. Volatile Income

Good farming habits contribute to maintaining a stable income despite setbacks such as dying multiple times or losing out on kills. While having a glittering KDA is innocent, it can’t cover for poor farming practice. I’d agree with the sentiment shared by professional player Doublelift who said, “Farm doesn’t lie. But your KDA could be lying.”

Pros Cons
Guarantees a consistent gold income Lack of map awareness while focusing on farm
Sustains a steady pace of growth for your champion Enemy jungler can take advantage of isolated farmers
Empowers item purchases Neglecting team fights or being late to them

Therefore, is KDA more important than farming? Not exactly. They aren’t mutually exclusive elements. League of Legends game requires players to find an optimal balance between fighting (KDA) and resource management (Farming). Understanding the correct time for farming and identifying timely moments for engagements will help in maximizing efficacies of both these strategies. Ultimately, mastering this balance will go a long way in ensuring your path to Victory!

Dive into the world of League of Legends and you’ll find an ongoing debate about kill-death-assist ratio (KDA) versus gold income from farming (last-hitting minions or creep-scores). Some argue stretching for kills improves performance, while others point out the reliable surplus from racking up farm.

KDA Farming
Accumulates through champion takedowns Reliable trickle from minion last-hits
Potential for high risk-reward payouts Consistent and safe income source
Exhibits player’s dominance in lanes and ganks Demonstrates player’s lane control and timing

As a personal anecdote, Faker, a professional player known as the ‘Unkillable Demon King’, once said “Kill participation is important but winning the game by making plays without any kills can be another way to show your contributions.” This infers that while KDA is important, it’s not everything. The aim isn’t merely surviving or killing, but utilizing resources effectively for victory.

A Complicated Equation: GPM

A significant parameter to understand here is the Gold-per-minute (GPM) statistic. This measure includes both your farm and kills (as well as other factors like towers and neutral monsters), providing arguably a more complete view of overall game impact.

Consider this scenario: if two players have similar KDAs, one might assume they have equal influence on the match outcome. But suppose Player A also has 50% higher CS than Player B. In that case, Player A unquestionably brings more value to the team. By engaging with objectives and farming efficiently, Player A accumulates enough gold for superior items, thus yielding a distinct power advantage.

Additionally, farming can act as a safety net. If your kill attempts fall short, maintaining high creep scores ensures a steady supply of gold, allowing you to keep up with or even surpass the enemy. Whereas failing at kill attempts without securing adequate CS could leave you significantly behind.

However, that’s not to undermine KDA’s importance. Playing aggressively enables more engagements, potentially leading to kills. Besides, increased KDA indicates a player’s prowess in skirmishes, making them a threat opponents must reckon with. Striking fear is, after all, a part of the League’s strategy!

Remembering pro-player Dyrus’ words, “In order to carry games, you need to put the enemy team in a position where no matter what they do, they cannot come back,” illustrates perfect balance between high KDA and wise farming.

Link for Faker’s quote

Link for Dyrus’s quote

Effectively, these aspects aren’t opposing forces; instead, they’re two sides of the same coin, contributing holistically to dominating matches. Optimizing KDA and farming isn’t a pick-one situation, but rather a delicate balancing act every LoL player should master.

Understanding the Importance of KDA and Farming


Kills, deaths, and assists (KDA) and farming gold through last hitting minions (known as CS, or Creep Score), have both an essential impact on your performance in a League of Legends game. There seems to be a substantial debate within the gaming community about whether KDA is more important than farming. However, the true answer may not be as black-and-white as one might believe.

The value of both these components can shift depending on the scenario. KDA, essentially a reflection of a player’s ability to secure kills, prevent deaths, and assist team members, determines how well you are doing on the offensive end. A high KDA usually indicates good positioning, decision-making, and combat skills – all hallmarks of an experienced player. Even Faker, widely recognized as one of the greatest professional League of Legends players, once said, “Pay attention to your farming and don’t worry too much about killing.” In context, Faker was emphasizing the balance between aggressive plays (KDA) and passive resource gathering (CS).

However, farming, or CS, cannot be understated in its importance either. The act of last-hitting minions to gather gold paves the way for purchasing powerful items that augment a champion’s abilities. High CS values indicate proficient use of time, excellent lane control, and effective management of minion waves. Each minion killed is a step closer towards gaining that upper hand by way of superior gear – it is relevant throughout the entire game and can even be the decider in evenly balanced matches. Let’s illustrate this with a comparison:

A Player with High KDA and Low CS:

Kills Deaths Assists CS
Player 1 15 2 10 80

A Player with Low KDA and High CS:

Kills Deaths Assists CS
Player 2 5 2 5 200


These are simplified examples and do not account for objectives like dragons or towers. But they go some way to show that a player who farms excellently but kills less (Player 2) could potentially compete against a player who takes down many opponents but neglects their CS (Player 1). The gold from CS might allow Player 2 to purchase an item that turns the tide of the game.

It would seem, therefore, unwise to invest all efforts into just KDA or Farming alone. It’s critical to maintain a fine balance between the two elements – understanding when to engage in combat for kills and assists and when to put time into farming resources. Both are integral parts of the intricate gameplay dynamics of League of Legends.

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