Who is the Best Support in League

Who is the Best Support in League


Playing support in League of Legends can be difficult to many, you can get flamed and some feel like they are not in control of what is happening in the game while playing as a support compared to carry roles like Mid or ADC.

On the other hand, experienced players understand that a skilled support player can carry almost as hard as any other role in the game. In fact, the numbers are quite good for support players in general, after gold league, most support players have a positive win rate which means that on average they really help their team win!

Ok, but like for any role, picking a champion can be a daunting task. In many ways the champion you pick can determine what kind of player you want to be so making an informed decision is very important. That is why in this article we’re going to cover which champions are highly recommended right now in patch 13.14, we’ll include sections for Enchanter, Poke and Engage supports too.

Understanding the Different types of Support Champions

Before talking about specific champions, it’s a good idea for us to divide champions into three categories, this makes it easier to talk about which champions are better because it’s not really useful to compare a champion like Nautilus to someone like Xerath, they do completely different things in the match and so your expectations should be different. You wouldn’t judge nautilus players on their player damage, would you?

Enchanter Supports

In League of Legends, Enchanters are a type of support champion who excel at providing utility and protection for their team. They are known for their ability to enhance their allies’ abilities, heal and shield them, and provide crowd control effects to disrupt the enemy team.

Enchanters typically have abilities that can heal or shield their allies, granting them increased survivability in fights. They often have crowd control abilities such as stuns, slows, or roots, which can be used to disable enemies and set up kills for their team. Enchanters also have abilities that can enhance their allies’ damage output or movement speed, allowing them to excel in team fights and skirmishes.

Enchanters are generally squishy and lack significant damage output themselves, but their strength lies in their ability to keep their teammates alive and enable them to deal damage. They are often played in the bottom lane alongside an AD carry, where they can protect and empower their partner.

Some popular examples of Enchanters in League of Legends include Janna, Lulu, Nami, Soraka, and Yuumi. Each Enchanter has their own unique set of abilities and playstyle, but they all share the common goal of supporting their team and ensuring their success in battles.

Best Enchanter Support in 13.14


For our enchanter we’re going to go with a classic: Janna.

Janna didn’t do much for the first part of the 13th ranked season, but now she is probably the best enchanter in the game, and that is a quite a feat when most people consider engage supports to be the best at this point of the season.

Janna works perfectly to counter engages with her tornado, ultimate and her shield. It’s no wonder that she is doing well. She was basically designed to counter divers and engage supports!

Adding to this, she is also quite easy to play even if you don’t really know much about Janna, and if you’re an experienced player you can get to work with her. She basically works at all levels of play.


Poke Supports

Poke Supports in League of Legends are a type of support champion that excel at dealing damage from a safe distance and harassing the enemy team. They are known for their ability to poke down opponents with long-range abilities, forcing them to play defensively and potentially securing kills for their team.

Poke Supports typically have abilities that can deal damage from a distance, often in the form of skill shots or area-of-effect spells. These abilities allow them to chip away at the enemy’s health, making it difficult for them to engage in fights or farm minions effectively. Poke Supports often have abilities that can also provide crowd control effects, such as slows or stuns, to further hinder the enemy team.

Poke Supports are generally squishy and lack the sustain or protective abilities of other support types. However, their strength lies in their ability to control the lane and create pressure through constant harassment. They can zone enemies away from objectives, deny farm, and weaken opponents before engaging in fights.

Some popular examples of Poke Supports in League of Legends include Zyra, Brand, Vel’Koz, Xerath, and Lux. These champions have long-range abilities that can deal significant damage and control the battlefield. They are often played in the bottom lane alongside an AD carry, where they can provide damage and pressure during the laning phase.

It’s important to note that while Poke Supports can be effective in the laning phase, they may require coordination and protection from their team in team fights, as they are generally more vulnerable to being caught out or engaged upon.

Best Poke Support in 13.14


For our pick here we’re going to go with Xerath.

Xerath and Zyra are the best pokers in the game at this point, but what makes Xerath stand out is how straightforward his gameplay his (Zyra is similar but her range is low).

Xerath does one thing and he does it well, he deals damage from a very long range. That’s it basically.

He barely has anything else other than absurd damage; he even has to root himself to use his ultimate like Jhin. But that is not a problem when he is as strong as he is right now.

Most players will only need 10 games or less to get good with his mechanics and then they can consistently top the damage charts with a support champion. This is a consistent way to climb the ranks and, in some ways, Xerath support almost feels like playing a mage but in bottom lane!

Engage Supports

Engage Supports in League of Legends are a type of support champion that excel at initiating fights and creating opportunities for their team to engage on the enemy. They are known for their ability to start team fights, catch out opponents, and provide crowd control to lock down key targets.

Engage Supports typically have abilities that allow them to engage on the enemy team, often with hard crowd control effects such as stuns, roots, or knock-ups. These abilities can catch opponents off guard, disrupt their positioning, and create openings for their team to follow up with damage and secure kills. Engage Supports often have tanky attributes or defensive abilities that allow them to withstand damage and survive in the frontline.

Engage Supports are crucial in setting up plays and controlling the pace of the game. They can initiate fights, peel for their carries, and provide crowd control to lock down priority targets. Their presence can be intimidating and force the enemy team to react and make split-second decisions.

Some popular examples of Engage Supports in League of Legends include Leona, Alistar, Nautilus, Thresh, and Rakan. These champions have abilities that can engage from a distance, lock down opponents, and provide follow-up crowd control to secure kills. They are often played in the bottom lane alongside an AD carry, where they can create opportunities for their team to gain an advantage.

Engage Supports require good communication and coordination with their team to maximize their effectiveness. They often rely on their team to follow up on their engages and capitalize on the opportunities they create. Additionally, Engage Supports may need to be mindful of their positioning and engage timings to avoid being caught out or overwhelmed by the enemy team.

Best Engage Support in 13.14


For our pick of best engage support in 13.14 we’re going to go with Rell.

Rell has some great numbers in her kit since changes in patch 13.11 and 13.12. Initially Rell players were doing worse after these changes but Riot hot fixed her in 13.12 and she has been the highest win rate engage champion for three patches now.

The strongest part of Rell is her excellent damage coupled with powerful ultimate that enables her to engage on many enemies at once. Her biggest weakness is when she is dismounted and she can feel awkward when she is behind.

But overall Rell is the best engage support in the game now with a whopping 55%-win rate in diamond.



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