3 Easy league of legends champions in mid lane for beginners


3 Easy league of legends champions in mid lane for beginners - Annie
3 Easy league of legends champions in mid lane for beginners – Annie

Today we will cover the topic of how to play 3 easy league of legends champions in mid lane for beginners (2021). The idea behind playing easy champions is always to get familiar with the broader game dynamics along with being able to climb and focusing on macro rather than learning the champion specifics.

A bit about my background on the game, I have been playing League of Legends Summoners rift since season 7. During that time I have played all roles of the game with particular focus mid, top and adc. I have been able to easily reach high gold elo since the beginning of playing the game and have peaked to Platinum in several seasons. I have played in NA, EUW and EUNE servers but mainly EUW.

As you can tell from my game knowledge and background I have played a wide range of champions from easy to very difficult ones, so I can give you some high level advice on which ones I consider easy. I will try to pinpoint for each champion why I think they are easy besides the obvious ability kit.


3 Easy league of legends champions in mid lane for beginners - Malzahar
3 Easy league of legends champions in mid lane for beginners – Malzahar

As you guys already know if you have been following my blog I’m a Malzahar Platinum main. I have been playing the champion for 3 seasons now and I have consistently done pretty well in terms of mechanics. My macro probably still needs works which is why I’m still in Plat elo but that’s a different story. Today I’m going to tell you why I consider him an easy champion for beginners and what makes him special and he’s on this list. Generally Malzahar has point and click abilities while being able to maintain a good distance from the enemy mid laner. His biggest weakness which is generally not very much abused in lower elo’s is his short range auto attack. His ultimate is also a point and click ability that deals a lot of damage and temporarily disables the enemy champion. Since no one in low elo’s builds a QSS item take this as a free pass for your entire game. Do note that even if they get a QSS the damage still goes off and no cleanse does not remove his ultimate as it’s a suppress. Anyway without further delay lets dive into his abilities to understand him a better. If you have any questions I have written an entire guide on him which you can find here. You can also find the champion abilities here.

Malzahar Abilities

  • Passive: When he hasn’t recently taken damage or been crowd controlled, Malzahar gains massive damage reduction and crowd control immunity, lingering for a short period after taking damage. This is basically like having a permanent banshee veil passive. Not only does it work wonders for Malzahar and makes him more resistant to ganks with CC but it also lets him have an extra protection barrier in lane against champions that rely on CC to deal their burst. Having said that when your shield is down be extremely careful as you would be super squishy.
  • Q/Call of the void: Malzahar opens up two portals to the Void. After a short delay, they fire projectiles that deal Magic Damage and silence enemy champions. Use your Q basically liberally to silence enemies at the beginning of team fights or when attacking them. It also lets you refresh your abilities.
  • W/Void swarm: Malzahar summons Voidlings to attack nearby enemies. Not much to say here make sure you spawn them in lane for pushing but if you want to freeze do not use them at all.
  • E/Malefic Visions: Malzahar infects his target’s mind with cruel visions of their demise, dealing damage over time. Using Malzahar’s other spells on the target will refresh the visions. If the target dies while afflicted by the visions, they pass on to a nearby enemy unit and Malzahar gains Mana. Malzahar’s Voidlings are attracted to affected units. This is essentially a farming ability in lane but also deals a lot of damage in late game too. Since it refreshes your mana and goes from minion to minion it has no cost for you just make sure it kills at least one lane minion. In late game it synnergizes great with Liandry’s and all the burn items such as Demonic embrace.
  • R/Nether Grasp: Malzahar channels the essence of the Void to suppress an enemy champion over a zone of damaging negative energy. What can I say for his ultimate use it liberally in lane when you think you have a kill or when your jungle is about to gank. In team fights make sure you reserve this to the highest dealing champion or ADC if unsure.

Malzahar Combos

Malzahar doesn’t really have a great variety of combos, he’s pretty much one dimensional when it comes to spell rotation however if you get Zhonias it gives you some time to breath and reset your abilities. The main combo for Malzahar is basically get in close proximity and use your E and W then your Q to reset them if it lands and to temporarily silence them and preventing him from an escape. Once E and W is on him are active ultimate the target and finish them off with ignite if you have it. If he’s still not dead your abilities may get reset with the help of a Zhonya’s. Keep in mind that since you are squishy if you fail to kill the enemy you will probably die from them as they can basically one shot you so try to disengage with flashing away from them.



Annie is one of the game’s easiest champions mainly because her kit is very forgiving. Her Q lets her farm indefinitely in lane and have unlimited sustain. Her ultimate not only deals a lot of damage but if you combine it with your passive it also does an AOE stun which greatly enhances your chances of winning a team fight. Having said that lets dive in her ability break down and combos, if you would like to find out more information on Annie you can look here. I also wrote an article on the easiest mid laners to carry low elo games here.

Annie Abilities

  • Passive: After casting 4 spells, Annie’s next offensive spell will stun the target.
  • Q/Disintegrate: Annie hurls a Mana infused fireball, dealing damage and refunding the Mana cost if it destroys the target. Use this to harass your enemy in lane but also to farm and last hit minions.
  • W/Incinerate: Annie casts a blazing cone of fire, dealing damage to all enemies in the area. Use this for farming if you want to quickly clear waves but also as part of your burst on an enemy champion.
  • E/Molten Shield: Grants Annie or an ally a shield, a burst of Movement Speed, and damages enemies who attack her with basic attacks. If you want to reposition quickly to land your burst use it as an initiator. Also use it as a disengage ability if you are getting ganked and want to reposition. Note as Annie even if you are getting ganked you can still turn the tides if you properly land your ultimate as this also stuns the jungler and potentially the enemy mid laner too.
  • R/Tibbers: Annie wills her bear Tibbers to life, dealing damage to units in the area. Tibbers can attack and also burns enemies that stand near him. As mentioned above use it in team fights on as many enemy champions as you can combining it with your passive for the powerful AOE stun effect along with the damage output.

Annie Combos

Annie is very one dimensional like Malzahar when it comes to using combos. Everything in Annie is playing around her passive which causes the enemy to stun. If your passive is up try to get in proximity to your enemy either with flash or with your e or both combined. Do note your E does not affect your passive so if the passive is up you can safely use your E and it won’t count as an ability to reset it. Once you are positioned close to an enemy or enemies try to initiate with your ultimate as this will cause a burst of damage and stun the enemy which will allow us to do more damage with the rest of our abilities. Then immediately use your W which also does AOE damage and it’s shorter range, finish off with Q on the target you think you can kill followed by ignite. If you don’t think you can kill anyone, for example if you are facing a tank try to poke in lane using your auto attacks along side with your Q which is on low cooldown. Once you lower their health then go for your usual burst that we just described.


3 Easy league of legends champions in mid lane for beginners - Lux
3 Easy league of legends champions in mid lane for beginners – Lux

Lux is probably one the most popular champions of the game. She’s very versatile and can be played in both the middle and support lane. Today we are going to cover the mid lane. Even though she’s a bit immobile her kit makes her very easy to play especially if you can land skill shots. Even if you can’t you can still sit back and spam abilities to do damage to the enemy champions as she has long range abilities and a very low cool down ultimate. Without having to go into details I will break down her abilities now. If you would like to find more information on her abilities you can check the link here.

Lux Abilities

  • Passive: Lux’s passive is a simple one once you hit a champion with an ability then your next auto attack to them is empowered and deals bonus damage. Use this in lane to abuse the enemy mid laner by dealing an extra burst of damage and constant poke with summon aery.
  • Q/Light Binding: This is one of the most powerful abilities when laning as support. It’s a skillshot and if you aim right you can bind up to two enemies at the same time. The thing to note here is that if there’s a minion in the wave this will also bind them, so try to use this ability without hitting minions. An ideal time for it is when the lane is pushing and you have just killed all the minions. Other opportunities is when the enemies are mispositioned or walking aggressively towards you outside of minion waves. If you are getting ganked use this to try and disengage with whoever is closer to you (either jungler or enemy mid lane).
  • W/Prismatic barrier: The barrier provides a shield of you and any ally the trick here is to overlap your ally so try to stay close to him so it lands easier. Since in lane you won’t have an ally unless you are getting help from your jungler try to use it later in game to protect your ADC or other champion in danger.
  • E/Lucent singularity: This is your main source of damage you want to use it as a poke in lane and likely max this ability first. It has a wide range that it affects and it also lasts a few seconds to detonate. This is particularly useful for you as it creates an isolation zone of enemies so place it strategically if you want them to stay away from your ally. Also it temporarily slows them down so if someone is chasing use it to delay them but be careful because sometimes stopping to use an ability will also slow you down too. One good scenario is when you are almost dead and just want to save the rest of your team in that case it might be good to delay them using your e.
  • R/Final spark: Your ultimate is your bread and butter. This ability is in low cooldown and lets you spam it as frequent as you want. Sometimes you may just want to get your full hp enemies lower just to gain a lane advantage and make them play more defensively. Other times you can use it as a long range finisher if your jungler is fighting with the enemy jungler over a scudle crab. The range of this ability is what makes it beginner friendly. You can safely kill someone that’s trying to escape with low health and once you snipe them it’s very satisfying!

Overall my favorite ability is the Q simply because it could result in a kill. It’s a bit harder to land it especially in two people but if you get a good Q it can change a team fight dynamic or even turn the tides in a losing lane.

Lux Combos

For combos Lux has pretty much a simple variation and that’s why she’s so friendly for people starting out.

  • As a starter depending on the situation and state of the game you almost always want to start with a Q. If you land a Q you can land the rest of your abilities easier too. So once you have your Q landed then you can use E to slow and damage the champion and finish with ultimate and ignite if you are running it.
  • Another starter could be a ‘zoning e’ to make them side step or step closer to you if you throw it behind them and then you can land your q easier as you would kind of control of where they go. Then it’s up to your damage output depending on items and levels along with your ignite to kill the enemy. If your ultimate is available try to use it super fast as the stun doesn’t last forever.


This was a very high level break down of 3 easy champions you can play in mid lane that could help you climb in the ranks in league of legends as of 2021. Things could change in the future however these champions have been a staple since almost the beginning of the game and I doubt there will be much changes. My personal favorite is Annie because she has a high burst one shot satisfaction, there’s no replacement for flash ult/q/w/ignite, tiberssssss. Today we discussed 3 Easy league of legends champions in mid lane for beginners use them to your advantage to kick start an easy journey in mid lane.

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Which is your favorite mid lane champion?

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