ARCANE: What Will Happen in Season 2


ARCANE: What Will Happen in Season 2
ARCANE: What Will Happen in Season 2

Today we will cover ARCANE: What Will Happen in Season 2.

With League of Legend’s hit Netflix series Arcane having been out for 6 months now, it’s about time we think about what’s coming next and where will the show continue to progress. Afterall, the final episode of Season 1, “The Monster You Created,” ended on a massive cliff-hanger! So with that said, let’s first highlight where Arcane left us in the story, what the results could be of that final cliff-hanger, and where that will leave the story to progress in the already confirmed, Season 2!

If you haven’t already seen the first season of Arcane, please watch it before reading the rest of this article because it will have massive spoilers! Additionally, if you are not a fan of hypothesizing about the future stories of the show because it could spoil the future season(s), then this might also not be an article for you. With that out of the way, what let’s recap the end of the first season!

The End of the Beginning

Without diving into too much of the content of the final episode, the most notable event that will surely play a massive piece in the next season’s plot is the result of Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket. Right as the Council was voting in favour of Zaun’s independence, true to her name, Jinx fired the Rocket right at the Council’s meeting place, surely resulting in casualties.

Before we dive into that first point of contention, we can also highlight some more subtle nods to the future of the series in the final scene montage showing each character we have met so far (presumably at the time the rocket is mid-air).

The first character shown is Sevika. Not only does this confirm she is alive after her fight with Vi, but her screentime is composed of two individual shots that are likely foreshadowing her future in the series. First, showing her recovering from her injuries in Silco’s office, but then a shot of her in the foreground and Silco’s desk and chair in the background. Now that Silco is dead (albeit unknown to Sevika), the Undercity needs a new leader, and perhaps Sevika is the ‘happy’ medium between Vander and Silco that the Undercity needs in the new season.

Sevika - Arcane
Sevika – Arcane

Immediately after, “the doctor” is shown. “The doctor”, who we know is League of Legend’s Champion Singed because of subtitles and credits (despite not being referred to by name) and his screentime shows him seemingly consoling with what looks like a picture in a locket of a young woman (which we will discuss later), then the shot changes as Singed looks up towards the ceiling where something very familiar to League of Legends players is strung up. It is very likely (almost certainly), Warwick that we catch of glimpse of. Or at least, what will eventually become Warwick. Not only this, but with a little digging into League of Legends lore, this will tie up nicely with the first Act of the show because Vander will be ‘saved’, at the cost of becoming what players know as Warwick.

However, because the emphasis isn’t specifically on Warwick, and more on Singed’s look at Warwick after looking at the picture in his locket, it’s likely that Warwick isn’t completely ‘alive’ in the same way we refer to Frankenstein. Instead, it’s more likely he is considering whether to complete is project on Vander because of the results that have come of his previous ‘mutations.’ It’s also possible that the picture he is looking at is of his daughter who might also have been a mutation gone wrong when attempting to save her from death! This is a possibility because the picture Singed is looking at looks a lot like League of Legends Champion Orianna! It’s possible that Singed’s real name is Corin Reveck, as noted in the lore, Corin replaced his daughter’s organs one-by-one as they deteriorated from the poisons of the Undercity! This could easily explain how Singed started off in Piltover and found his way to the Undercity and has since been unable to resurface because of his regret and inability to get past his failure to help his daughter.

Singed - Arcane
Singed – Arcane

The Aftermath of the Council

After those two characters having their moments on screen for the final time in the Season, the episode concludes with the final shots of Vi/Caitlyn, and the Council members before the Rocket smashes into the window. We are given a good shot of all the characters in the room that will certainly be affected by the Rocket. Mrs. Kiramman (Caitlyn’s mother), Hoskel, Bolbok, Shoola, Salo, Jayce (and Viktor), and Mel Medarda.

Eight influential characters, and a massive cliff-hanger season finale that has left the most people on the edge of their seat since The Walking Dead’s Season 6 finale where we were wondering who Negan killed with Lucille! So, who dies, who lives, and what does it mean for the future of the show?

Piltover's Council - Arcane
Piltover’s Council – Arcane

Let’s start with the easy answers. Who is going to live? Jayce, Viktor, Mrs. Kiramman, and likely one more of the five remaining Councilors. Why? Well, for starters, Jayce and Viktor are League of Legends Champions and have way more left in their stories to explore! While Mrs. Kiramman seems expendable, it’s all too easy to have her death as the leading motive for Caitlyn’s arch in the next season, and it will be more telling of Caitlyn’s character to pursue Jinx for reasons other than avenging her mother’s death. Additionally, the constant worry and reminder of Mrs. Kiramman’s status hovering over Caitlyn and being used as the reason for Caitlyn’s success should be resolved with Caitlyn proving her value as a leader and Sheriff, rather than her resolving those issues by proxy of her mother’s passing. It would ultimately be too easy of a move and disappointing frankly.

Who is going to die? Well, it’s safe to say someone must die from this Rocket, otherwise it is far to anti-climatic of a result. Preferably, at least half of them will die to truly emphasize the disaster this can cause to the entire story. So, the most expendable Councilors are hands down Salo, Shoola, and Bolbok. Why? Well, you probably just searched their names to be sure you were thinking of the right characters for one! Two, they don’t need to survive more to the plot than they already have (clearly not much). The only exception to this (aside from Mel, who we will review last), is Hoskel. Hoskel has certainly had the most to say and has the personality that will support the future direction of the show the best. Since Mel’s mother was introduced and touched on the idea of a war brewing, there is nothing more endemic to war than rash, self-centered leaders.

So, this is the prediction for Hoskel and Mel. While it would probably be more shocking if Mel is killed, it is almost guaranteed that she will survive for two distinct reasons. First, her character is way to impactful to be removed after only one season and her relations to other incredibly influential characters is far to intriguing to pursue! Second, the final shot of Mel hints at her survival that will likely be enough of a surprise that fans can get over the fact that only the Councilors that fans didn’t care about died from Jinx’s rocket. In her second to last shot when Jayce smiles at her, she reacts to something in a startled way (almost as if she became aware of the incoming rocket), and then in her last shot, not only does she look over her shoulder towards the incoming rocket, but her armor lights up and creates a subtle sound that is very similar to the League of Legends item, Zhonya’s Hourglass. I think this will be used as another plot point because it will come as a shock to everyone, including Mel. I think Mel’s mother Ambessa made it clear enough that she would do anything for her daughter to survive. Seeing as she has always had this gold armor (even in the flashback), it’s likely that Ambessa had found this on a Noxian conquest of some sort and felt it would be best in Mel’s possession to protect her.

The Noxian Future - Arcane
The Noxian Future – Arcane

This interaction could result in losing Jayce’s trust as well, and potentially creating the conflict between Noxus’s pursuit of Hextech and Piltover’s political pressures from the Undercity uprising after the Council has fallen. There are many directions that the show can go from here, but there are a few near certainties. Noxus will be more involved, likely beginning the plot lines for the war that would likely occur in Season 3, and to force Piltover’s leadership to make rash decisions under the pressure of brewing external conflict that could cause a huge problem for the Undercity. Additionally, Viktor may go through with his ‘evolution’ to prevent his death from the aftermath of the rocket and the combined pressure of Piltover looming over the Undercity could tear apart Jayce and Viktor and result in Viktor returning to the Undercity.

Where Does This Leave Vi and Jinx?

Well, we were left off with Vi and Caitlyn walking towards Piltover hoping to help where they can in the aftermath of Jinx’s destruction. So, there’s a good chance we will dive right back into the story with Vi and Caitlyn returning to Piltover to join the audience in discovering who the rocket has killed of the Councilors. As a result, this means Jinx is on her own again, and will presumably going into hiding somewhere, perhaps outside the current borders of what Arcane has explored.

Vi's Choice - Arcane
Vi’s Choice – Arcane

This will leave Vi and Caitlyn to return to enforcers without their Sheriff, and Piltover without many of the House leaders of the Council. Thus, Caitlyn could surely take the reigns of the enforcers and likely will insist on the pursuit of Jinx. Vi, being the older sister she is, will insist on joining. Caitlyn will probably force her to join the enforcers or stay in Piltover. Vi will obviously accept this and start her tenure as a Piltover enforcer. As a result, Piltover will be left to fend for themselves when potentially pincered by Noxus coming for the Hextech and the Undercity looking to expand.

From here, the Firelights will probably come back into play for both the Vi and Caitlyn quest to find Jinx, and in bringing them back to help Piltover withstand the adversarial advances! Ekko will surely have a massive role with the Firelights in Season 2 because his character was written incredibly well and always acting as the middle line between Vi and Jinx, or the stereotypes of good and evil.

Ekko - Arcane
Ekko – Arcane


Again, there are plenty of directions that the writers could take Arcane next season, and there are dozens of amazing theories out there to consider. All in all, it’s pretty certain that there won’t be any League of Legends champions dying any time soon, and we will surely be introduced to a new champion or two in the future, and very likely, see a lot more of Runeterra in the this upcoming season!

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If you would like to find out more about Arcane you can check the Netflix page here.

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