Easy Farming League Of Legends Champions


Easy Farming League Of Legends Champions
Easy Farming League Of Legends Champions

We will discuss on everything you need to know about Easy Farming League Of Legends Champions.

Did you know that farming alone can get you a win?

Today we are going to cover the following champions that are easy to farm with in League of Legends:

  • Zed
  • Yasuo / Yone
  • Nasus
  • Tryndamere
  • Irelia
  • Master Yi
  • Kayn
  • All ADCs

One of the best ways to get an easy win in lol is to maintain good farm. The truth though is that not all champions are good for farming and some are particularly difficult farm with which may take away from the rest of your gameplay. I have written before in great extent about the importance of farming and I strongly urge you to check that post of mine that you can find linked below if you want to know more about farming in general.

In this article I’m going to cover more about how the champion itself makes the process easier. This is particularly useful for beginners that still have not mastered micro play and mechanics and want to do well and climb by farming and getting ahead of their game.

So if you are here with an open mind and still are looking to improve this article may be a good fit for you.

Reasons Of Playing An Easy Farming Champion

Before I dive into explaining which champions are good to play I want to cover the pros and cons of the reasoning of playing easy farming champions in league of legends.


  • Allows you to get experience and leveling faster than usual
  • Allows you to get gold faster
  • Since you have more gold you can buy items faster
  • Allows you to recover a losing lane (article below)
  • Easier to compete with allies in team when clearing waves late game
  • More time to focus on the game rather than farming
  • Move faster in the map while collecting farm
  • Easier to defend base under tower


  • You may not do well with the champion that’s easy to farm
  • Sometimes you get carried out with farming and neglect macro play
  • Pushing lanes too easily and exposing you to ganks
  • Denying farm from your allies so they may fall behind if you get too greedy
  • You tend to play more split pushing which may hurt your team (Article on this below)

As you can see there’s some disadvantages too that may come out of this. While this is an issue sometimes it may be a problem if you are beginner to get carried out and neglect your team. I used to obsess with maintaining high farm throughout the game and be on top of things while costing my team, team fights and cooperation. My intention here is to make you aware of the things that could go wrong with it so you don’t abuse it and learn to make it a weapon rather than a two edge sword that hurts you.

What Makes An Easy To Farm Champion

Below I want to go over a list of things that make a champion good to farm with. I will start by outlining some characteristics of a champion.

  • High base attack damage
  • Ability to kill champions under tower with 1 hit if you time well your tower shots
  • Being able to clear multiple minions with one or two abilities combined
  • Low, refundable or no mana costs for abilities that kill champions
  • Optionally kill specific champions to easier control the wave
  • If using abilities to kill champions you are not left exposed
  • Fast minion wave clear in late game
  • Ideally take low damage when killing champions (mages and ad carries are particularly vulnerable to this)


Zed - Easy Farming Champions
Zed – Easy Farming Champions

What better way to start this with one of my favorite mid-laners that makes it easy to farm. Zed is one of the easiest champions to farm with. His kit has a very high base attack damage which he can easily use to last hit under tower or at any instance. Furthermore his w and q combo is very good for late game to clear the entire wave. His fast clearing lets him focus more on the game and roam faster around the map. Finally he has little to no mana costs so he can spam abilities to help clear waves.

Yasuo / Yone

Yone - Easy Farming Champions
Yone – Easy Farming Champions

My favorite brothers Yasuo and Yone! Both are really good champions to clear waves. Their kit is mana-less which means they can spam abilities constantly to kill minion waves. In late game their combined abilities for Yasuo q and e can kill multiple minions at the same time. Similarly Yone’s q ability with e lets him clear out the waves fairly fast in late and sometimes fairly early game too.

Nasus / Jax

Nasus - Easy Farming Champions
Nasus – Easy Farming Champions

Nasus and Jax are both champions that have in their kit an ability that’s an auto cancelling and can almost one shot champions from an early part of the game. Jax’s w is low mana cost and act as an auto attack cancellation which he can easily kill champions with that. Similarly Nasus with his Q can act as an auto attack cancellation which means he can auto attack and then quickly use his Q to finish the minion. Furthermore Nasus benefits from farming because he gains stacks every time he kills a minion with his Q giving him permanent attack damage!


Tryndamere - Easy Farming Champions
Tryndamere – Easy Farming Champions

Tryndamere is basically one of those champions that has a unique and very good clearing. More specifically Tryndamere has in his kit a mana-less ability spam which works synergistically with his e. His e through a minion wave can do a lot of damage to the minions in late game offering very fast clearing. Additionally his base auto attack damage is very high and he can kill minions easily under the tower letting him perform well under pressure or has a losing lane. Since his base attack damage is too high too he can also setup a good freeze to control the lane if he’s ahead and wants to deny the enemy like a scaling Nasus.


Irelia - Easy Farming Champions
Irelia – Easy Farming Champions

Irelia is a unique champion when it comes to last hitting and clearing minion waves. I dare to say she’s one of the best champions in the game and most satisfying clearing waves. Irelia’s Q basically has a reset and partial mana refund when it kills a minion. Also since it scales with attack damage as the game goes on she can clear minion waves super fast while seeing a very fun animation and ability reset. Furthermore Irelias base attack damage lets her kill most of the times minions under tower depending on which item you get first. If you go a refillable potion you’d have a harder time doing this and in the latest patches she will not be able to kill minions with one hit. I personally always play her with an item that gives her the extra AD boost along with my rune setup to one hit minions and I think you will greatly benefit from that setup too.

Master Yi / Kayn

Kayn - Easy Farming Champions
Kayn – Easy Farming Champions

Moving into the jungle you have master yi and kayn. Both of these champions have a unique ability for master yi his Q ability that targets and does damage to more that one minion. This lets him clear the wave or jungle monsters fast especially if it’s more than one unit. Additionally master yi’s e ability lets him have an enhanced auto attack which deals more damage allowing for a faster clear.

In the same boat you have Kayn which his q and w abilities can target more than one jungle monster or champion. Additionally he can cast those abilities sometimes being un-targetable if he combines it with his e ability which lets him go into a wall and not take damage while at the same time healing. Later in the game both of those scale very well with items so he can one shot waves or minion monsters making him very durable and focusing on the ganking rather than farming.

Easiest ADCs To Farm CS

Easiest ADCs To Farm
Easiest ADCs To Farm

Finally I want to have a special mention for all AD carries. The reason AD carries are good at farming and clearing waves is that they have very high base attack damage built into their kit. Their bread and butter in the early and late game is to stay ahead in farm while being reasonably good. If you exclude Zeri and some other ad carries they generally have the disadvantage of mana costs. Typically you will want to become proficient in last hitting minions so focus on getting items that give more base AD or attack speed to be able to clear waves faster.

Some honorable mentions here which I think are very good at clearing waves are the following:

  • Tristana: Her combo of e and q allow her to clear waves super fast, the explosion from the e with the attack speed of the q make her probably one of the best ADC to clear minion waves.
  • Caitlyn: Caitlyn’s q ability which targets multiple minions at the same time offering a fast clear.
  • Jinx: Jinx Q ability does damage to the surrounding minions by making a minor blast this combined with her faster attack speed it clears the waves.
  • Lucian: Lucian has an quick double auto attack in his kit from his passive after using an ability, this lets him clear waves faster. Furthermore his Q ability targets more than one minion at the same time damaging a lot and clearing faster.
  • Ezreal: Ezreal has a superb ability to clear waves and this is his low cooldown ultimate ability. He basically can spam this in waves and completely clearing out the entire wave.
  • Sivir: Sivir has her Q ability which hits a lot of minions at the same time and also her w ability hits more than one minion allowing a very fast clear. The disadvantage here of this is that they have very high mana costs so try to take something like mana flow band or presence of mind to mitigate the mana issues.
  • Ashe: Ashe also makes a great minion wave clear champion as her q lets her auto attack very fast for a short duration. Furthermore her W can hit more than one minion at the same time clearing out the wave and reducing their health in a faster way.
  • Varus: Concluding but not in any way less is varus. Varus Q ability can hit more than one minion in one hit and in late game even clear the entire wave at once. Furthermore his E ability lets him also poison and reduce the health of minions.

It’s important to note that there are other AD carries that are very good at clearing minion waves fast and making farming easy but they are difficult to master. If you haven’t guessed yet I’m talking about Draven. He’s a very good champion as he can get multiple axe’s and hit minions very fast while doing insane amount of damage per hit. Additionally his ultimate even though it’s not designed for this can also clear waves super fast. Again I do not think he’s ideal for beginners as he needs a lot of practicing to become a viable champion.


If you found Easy Farming League Of Legends Champions useful and you think it may have helped you please drop me a cheer below I would appreciate it.

If you have any questions, comments please post them below I check periodically and try to answer them in the priority they come in.
Also if you have any corrections please do let me know and I’ll update the article with new updates or mistakes I did.

What’s your favorite champion to farm easily with?

As mentioned earlier mine is Yasuo. I generally enjoy playing that champion and I feel he’s rewarding but even if you all behind in lane you can easily farm your way up and recover him to some extent. The negative of Yasuo with farming is that he can sometimes push the lane too fast which makes him more open to getting killed so be careful with that.

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