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How To Carry With Senna


How To Carry With Senna
How To Carry With Senna

We will go over How To Carry With Senna. Senna has been one of my go-to support champions in season 12 and I believe I will continue playing him in season 13. Today we will cover everything you need to know such as skill matchups, easy and difficult ones how he performs during the late and early games along with his team fighting capabilities.

If you haven’t played him and would like to take him up this is the guide for you. If you are a bit more advanced with Senna already then you may pick up a few things here and there from my experience playing him. Note I’m currently platinum 3 so everything you read here is up to that elo.

Easiest Senna Matchups

There are a few Senna matchups that are considered to be easy. These are matchups where Senna has a significant advantage over her opponent.

  • One of the easiest Senna matchups is against Ashe. Senna outranges Ashe, and her Q and W abilities allow her to easily kite and poke Ashe. In addition, Senna’s ultimate can easily take down an unsuspecting Ashe.
  • Another easy matchup for Senna is against Varus. Like Ashe, Senna outranges Varus and can easily kite and poke him with her Q and W abilities. In addition, Senna’s ultimate can easily take down a Varus that is not prepared for it.
  • Finally, an easy matchup for Senna is against Jhin. Jhin is a very short champion and Senna can easily kite and poke him with her Q and W abilities. In addition, Senna’s ultimate can easily take down a Jhin that is not prepared for it.

Hardest Senna Matchups

There are many different ways to approach a matchup in the game of Senna, and some may be harder than others depending on the player’s individual strengths and weaknesses. In this essay, we will explore some of the hardest Senna matchups and what makes them so difficult.

  • One of the hardest Senna matchups is against a champion with a strong early game. This is because Senna’s early game is quite weak, and she can easily be bullied out of lane by champions like Ahri or Syndra. Against these champions, you need to be very careful in the early game and try to farm as safely as possible. If you can survive the early game without too much damage, then you will be in a much better position to fight them in the later stages of the game. Since APC got into a meta Senna needs to be very careful vs them.
  • Another difficult matchup for Senna is against champions who have a lot of mobility. Champions like Zed or Talon can be very hard to deal with, as they can easily dodge your Q and W abilities. They can also position themselves very well to avoid your ultimate, which can be a death sentence for you if you are not careful. Against these champions, you need to be very patient and wait for them to make a mistake before you engage.
  • Finally, another difficult matchup for Senna is against champions who have a lot of crowd control. Champions like Nautilus or Maokai can easily disrupt your abilities with their CC, and this can be very frustrating to deal with. Against these champions, you need to be very careful when you use your abilities, and try to time them so that they are not interrupted.

Overall, there are many difficult matchups for Senna, but the key is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both you and your opponent. By doing this, you can give yourself the best chance to win the matchup.

Carry With Senna Low Elo

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when playing in low elo.

  • First, it is important to remember that your opponents are likely to be of a similar skill level as you. This means that you should not expect to win every game, and you should be prepared to lose some games as well.
  • Second, you should try to play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. If you are good at farming, then you should focus on that and try to get as much gold as possible. If you are good at team fights, then you should focus on that and try to get your team to victory.
  • Third, you should always be aware of the enemy team’s movements and try to predict what they are going to do. This will allow you to counter their strategies and give your team the upper hand.
  • Finally, you should never give up. Even if you are behind, you should never give up and always try to fight your way back into the game. You never know when you might make a comeback and win the game.

If you follow these tips, then you should be able to succeed in Senna low elo. Just remember to always play to your strengths, be aware of the enemy team, and never give up.

Carry With Senna High Elo

Senna is a high elo carry who excels at taking down enemies quickly and efficiently. She is often played in the mid or support lane, but can also be played in the top or bottom lane. Senna is known for her high damage output and her ability to kite and position herself well in fights. Her ultimate ability, Last Embrace, is a powerful tool that can easily take down enemies if used correctly. Senna is a versatile champion that can be built in a variety of ways, but is typically played as an AD carry. In high elo you should try to be unpredictable with Senna as your stun is your key strength, since high elo players will typically wait for you to waste that and then engage be very worried about it.

How To Play Senna Early Game

Senna early game is all about farming and staying alive. Try to last hit as much as possible and avoid taking too much damage. If you can, try to get some kills or assists to help your team out. Be sure to watch for enemy ganks and be ready to back off or flash away if needed. Once you get some items, you can start to be more aggressive and look for kills. Just be careful not to die too much, as it will set you back.

How To Play Senna Late Game

Senna is a unique champion in that she can be played in a number of ways and still be effective. In the late game, her kit really shines and she can be a real asset to her team. Here are some tips on how to play Senna late game.

  • First, always keep an eye on your positioning. Senna is very squishy and if you’re not careful you can easily get picked off. Try to stay behind your teammates and use your long range to your advantage.
  • Second, make sure to use your Q and W abilities to their full potential. Your Q can be used to poke and harass enemies, while your W can be used to heal and buff your allies. Use these abilities wisely and you’ll be a big help to your team.
  • Finally, always be aware of your surroundings. Senna’s ultimate ability gives her a huge amount of vision, so use it to your advantage. Keep an eye on enemy movements and be ready to call out any ganks or ambushes.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to play Senna effectively in the late game and help your team to victory.

How To Team Fight With Senna

When it comes to team fighting with Senna, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, Senna is an ADC, so her main priority in a team fight should be to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy team. However, Senna also has a unique set of abilities that make her a valuable asset in a team fight. Here are a few tips on how to team fight with Senna:

1. Use Senna’s Q ability, Piercing Darkness, to poke at the enemy team and deal damage. This ability can also be used to help your team mates escape from sticky situations.

2. Senna’s W ability, Last Embrace, can be used to root enemies in place, making them easy targets for your team.

3. Senna’s E ability, Soul Shackles, can be used to deal damage to multiple enemies and also stun them for a short period of time. This can be a game-changing ability in a team fight.

4. Senna’s ultimate ability, Dawning Shadow, can be used to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy team. It can also be used to set up kills for your team mates.

5. When using Senna in a team fight, it is important to remember that she is an ADC. This means that she should be positioned behind her team mates, in order to avoid being focused by the enemy team.


If you enjoyed reading How To Carry With Senna please consider dropping me a cheer below I would appreciate it. Hopefully you were able to learn something new or a lot to start playing this champion. As always if you have no experience with him I recommend you start with some normal/draft practise games and once you are comfortable then hop on to ranked games with him. No matter what I promise he’s a lot of fun to play.

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